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Kids Drop Zone....Almost

Deme Crinion4 Comments
So, I hate promising and not delivering but as I went to install the final pieces in our pantry turned kid drop zone last night, I discovered a big "oops!".   I'll share my brain-fart moment with you shortly, but first let me show you how this room started out.

There are some spaces in our home that I'm still trying to figure out.....what's the best setup?  Can we use this space differently to better suite our needs?  How on earth do we make this work?  And with others, the inspiration lightning bolt strikes immediately.  When we looked at this home in our house hunt, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this wasted space.

When I first saw all of the cupboards, I thought, "What great storage!".  But they are deceiving.  The center cupboards in this U-shaped pantry are quite deep and offer great storage but the cupboards on the side are extremely shallow - about 4 inches deep.  Just enough for a can of beans.  Our kitchen isn't huge, but coupled with that center pantry storage, it has enough cupboard space to hold most of our food and dishes.

I'm not enough of a can hoarder to need all that cupboard space for cans.  But what we desperately needed was a place for all of the gear associated with getting 3 young kids in and out the door each day.  This area is right off the kitchen (that doorway to the right) and you enter here from the garage where the kids and I go in/out (I'm standing in that doorway to take the pic below). So this pantry space would now share the duty of our kids' mud room/drop zone!

Here's a lovely shot of it as we were moving in...

I put the hubs to work removing all the side doors and inside shelves.

 This frame came off too until we were left with totally open alcoves.

Originally, I thought we would leave the upper cabinets on the right side but those doors came down as well.

We painted the alcoves with chalkboard paint and the walls got a fun green shade that played off the fabric I used to make the bench cushion.  And this is where we are today.    

I have these organizing goodies on standby just waiting to create a space for incoming/outgoing paperwork, coats, backpacks and hats.  

I had finally decided on a configuration that would work and excitedly went to mount them last night when I discovered my lazy mistake.  Can you spot it?
Aside from that paint drip mark on the extremely uneven walls, there are now a couple of screws poking though!  Last week we were putting the finishing touches on our new breakfast nook....hanging pictures and screwing in knobs for art smocks.  I wondered why two of the screws went in so much easier than the first!  It didn't even dawn on me to look at the other side of the wall.

So instead of sharing our kids' drop zone reveal today, you're getting an almost done sneak peak while I figure out what to do about the annoying screws.  There are actually two nails poking through from a picture too.  Hopefully we'll figure that out over the weekend and have something finished to share with you all next week.

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend with those you love!