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Jewelry Organization {Thinking Outside the Box}

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Outside the jewelry box, that is.

When we last left my buffet-turned-dresser project, she had vanished into the phone booth and emerged halfway a super hero, with the bottom and side drawers housing my newly organized workout clothes/pj's/underwear/socks.   

The top drawers got a new lining but were empty.  

Until today!

I've been tossing around all kinds of ideas for jewelry organization and kept coming back to these inspiration photo's via our old pal Pinterest.

I just love the charm and vintage feel of the teacups, bowls and saucers.  They have such nostalgia and remind me of both my grandmothers.  I felt they would also play well off the old soul of my buffet. They have fantastic color and you could easily create your own palette or keep it eclectic.  Shopping thrift stores and yard sales could make this a very inexpensive project, so I set out to find some colorful teacups to commandeer for jewelry storage! 

Well, I hit up my closest Goodwill, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and didn't really find much. I knew garage sales and craigslist would be a good bet, but they were likely to be in matching sets and I wanted something a little more mixed.  

Then I remembered I had found a couple of dishes on clearance at Target a few months back.  They were white and that indigo blue I've been so drawn to lately.  Sure enough, I found two of these in my stash:

They weren't exactly what I had in mind but they would work.  I also decided to make a second trip to Marshalls and found this:

Yup.  That's an egg platter.  While the teacups reminded me of my grandmother and a time of hand-written letters, this reminded me of her deviled eggs.  Not exactly the memory I wanted to stir up (although she did make some mean deviled eggs), but I loved those little blue flowers on the white ceramic and knew it had potential. Even if it was from the kitchen department -  for $7.99, I couldn't resist!

I also picked up a couple of different shelf liners and headed home.  Bowl + platter + shelf liner = really good start.

I started by cutting a piece of shelf paper to fit the drawer and put it in place.  It felt a little...dated. 
The green was more of an olive than a bright kelly and while I love me a damask print, the color and print in this particular furniture piece were giving off an old vibe.  

However, what I did love is how perfectly my earring worked in that egg platter!  I used it to corral my stud and smaller dangle earrings, along with a couple of rings and bracelets.  My larger earrings with a hook back went over the side of one of the bowls and the other bowl collected more bracelets.

 The silver purse holds my real *bling*....a couple of shiny earrings and a bracelet I wear for special occasions.

But back to the paper.  I wasn't loving the green, so I tried another shelf liner.  This time, just laying it down without peeling the back off yet.
 Better.  It's was a modern print and I liked the neutral color, but the scale and contrast of the pattern was a bit too busy.

On to option #3!  A roll of wrapping paper (another Target find).
 Oh yes, I think this might be the one!

Yup, it's a winner!  I love the subtle modern print and the glitter dots give it a little bling to keep it from feeling too plain.

I used some spray adhesive to stick her down and then brought in the goods!  So happy!  It feels light and fresh and allows the accessories and jewelry to be the stars.

The bowls fit perfectly in the drawer with just enough clearance on top.

The tray couldn't be more perfect for corralling all those small earrings and rings.

And the other bowl was perfect for my bracelets.
 Almost perfect.  With the bracelets piled up in the bowl, I couldn't shut the drawer.  So I brought in a flatter option.  And one that felt a little more modern.

This low tray with ikat print was the perfect solution, and allowed me better access to the bracelets.  I'll save the bowl for the top of the buffet.

Let's not forget about the two side drawers!  The one to the left holds my long beaded and gold necklaces.

The one to the right stores my belts and short beaded necklaces.

I'm sure I'll tweak things here and there but overall, I'm so excited to have my jewelry organized and displayed, instead of stuffed in a drawer and on high counters where my littlest little couldn't get to them!  These drawers are an official kid-free zone :) 

So how do you corral your jewelry?  Do you like having it out on display or tucked neatly away?  How about the paper for the drawer - would it have been paper #1, #2 or #3 for you?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!