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Grandma's Rainy Day Ring Toss!

Deme Crinion2 Comments
The other day the kids received a very fun package in the mail.  And wouldn't you know, it did in fact arrive on a rainy afternoon.

Mia read the title..

..and was thrilled to open it up!

James' mom found the white make-shift base for just 99 cents and painted the knobs different colors.  Then she spray painted the rings (cardboard rolls from used up security tape at her work) in corresponding colors. So resourceful!

Of course, Sully liked the blue rings the best, "because they're my favowite!".

Then he found his brother and sister's favorite colors and had me write their names in crayon.  Because we are a little OCD about favorite colors around here - it's how we identify each kid's things when they all have similar items.

The kids are still enjoying Grandma's Rainy Day Ring Toss a couple of weeks later...although, the rings have been known to double as bracelets for dress up and colored pancakes for kitchen play too :)  

What games are you creating with everyday items?  How are you recycling household leftovers?