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Fresh Coat Of Paint - For My Desk!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Happy Monday, All!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

If you caught our weekend docket on Friday, then you know that my weekend plans revolved around paint.  Lots and lots of paint.  And I am giddy-high off paint fumes at all we were able to accomplish!  We now have a whole lot of old pieces sporting a fresh new look!

We started by cleaning out the garage and setting aside the kitchen cabinet doors awaiting their next coat of paint.  They were taking up a huge amount of space in there, and since some pretty big pieces were on my painting list, we needed extra room!

I've been keeping my plans to paint one particular item to myself because I've been avoiding the conversation with James.  I knew it would go something like this....

Me:  Hey, Babe.  Can you help me move my desk to the garage?

James:  Why?  Are you going to paint it?

Me:  Yeah... (hanging head, avoiding eye contact).

James:  It's white.

Me:  Yes, but it's not white-white.  It's an off-white and now that we have those striped curtains with white-white stripes in the office, the off-white desk is really bugging me.  And there are a few stains on the top

James:  So you're going to paint the white desk, white?

Me:  Yes. (flash best smile and bat eyelashes)

And that's almost exactly how it went.  Being the good sport that he is, James just walked to the office ready to oblige.  As we were carrying it out to the garage Mia asked what we were doing.  James brought her up to speed, "Mama's painting it a new color.".

That I did!   And the subtle difference makes a huge difference to me.

Here's she is before:

 And after a couple coats of fresh white satin spray paint...

 So. Much. Better.  And absolutely worth it.  Now I'm really ready to set up my workspace!

I think this is the part of home projects that James would rather avoid.  He's not a details guy and I'm a firm believer that the details are what pull a room together.  Some details you'll never notice, and that's the point.  The color of the desk won't be what catches your eye in the end but if it were the wrong color, it would definitely draw your attention - in a bad way!  Fortunately, I have a good man willing to live with my obsession with nitty-gritty details, and to keep me from going overboard....because I am guilty of that too :)

 I can't wait to share some of the other pieces that got a fresh coat of paint but for now they are drying up and de-fuming (that's totally a word) in the garage.

*So who else gets in the weeds when it comes to details?  Is your partner on the same page or are you two peas of a different pod on this one?  Do tell!