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Crinion Olympics

Deme Crinion2 Comments

A few weeks ago, in the spirit of the Olympics kickoff, we held our own mini-Olympics for a moms group play date.  Mia had been very interested in all of the Olympic trial events, especially swimming and track.  So when I told her about this little play date, she was eager to know if there would be a race.  "I want to win!  I want to win the gold medal!"
She talked about it for the two days leading up to it.  I knew there would be a couple of kids older than her there, and we talked about just doing your best, but mostly about having fun.  

Sure enough, the kids all lined up to race (some older than her and some younger) and when "Go!" was shouted, Mia sprinted off.  

So did the others.  And they were faster than her. I could see that she knew it.  She realized she wouldn't win as they passed her and began to slow down.  She came to me afterwards, disappointed.  "I didn't win.  I really wanted to win". 

But did you run fast?  Did you have fun? You did great! There are other events, let's go have fun at the next one.

The next one was a bean bag toss of sorts.  She wasn't good.  She missed a lot.  But we cheered for her, and all of the kids, and she tried again.  She was better!  And smiling. 

The next event was a balance beam (a wooden stick on the grass, they had to balance and walk across).  Mia found her niche.  She was great...and very excited to be doing a gymnastics event.

 The final event was the limbo and Mia rocked it!

Sully got in on the action too:

And all of the kids went home with a medal.

  Mia wore hers all day and it's still hanging on the vanity in her room.

My precious girl.  My heart broke when I saw her realize that other kids were faster and that she wouldn't win the race, so she slowed down.  What's a mom to do?  Trip the other kids next time (don't put it past me).  I wanted to tell her that she's the fastest runner ever and that she would win next time.  But that's not the truth and not what she needed to hear.

I'm so proud of my sensitive girl.  A year ago there would have been tears, cowering, and the rest of the morning would have been lost.  But she tried again.  And even when it wasn't great the next time, she kept going.  By the end she was having a great time and was so proud of the medal she earned.  I thought she deserved a medal too. 

And just so you don't think I abandoned the baby, here's evidence that he was there.  He excelled at tearing up the finish line with his body.  Way to go, Jack.