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A Photo Board Gets A Quick Update

Deme Crinion2 Comments
We are SO close to being done in Mia's room!  I was hoping to share it with you today but I have just a few more things to do.  It's been one of those rooms with 10 little projects needed to wrap things up and midway through each, a new roadblock seems to pop up....

Making a window treatment, sewing machine on the fritz....

Spray painting a table, second can of paint doesn't work......

Covering a board with fabric, run out of hot glue sticks.... 

But I'm happy to say that I think we're through the project madness and just have to put all those final touches in place!  I'll have the room reveal for you on Friday but in the meantime, here's a quick update we did to Mia's photo board.  We started with this:

Mia's nursery was pink, green, red and aqua blue.  She loves having pictures of her family in her room, so this photo board just needed a little update for her big girl room.

I used some left over osnaburg fabric I had from these freezer paper stenciled pillows, and put it over the existing white fabric attaching it on the backside of the board with hot glue. 

I raided my ribbon stash and didn't have enough of one kind or even two to cover the board, so I went with three.  I laid out my measuring tape and lined up the first ribbon along the center mark.

Then I added the others until I was happy with the spacing between each.

I started by turning the board on it's side and hot glued the edges down starting with the middle ribbon and worked my way out.

I attached all the ribbon ends to one side of the board.  Then I measured the distance from the edge of the board to the edge of the ribbon. 

I pulled the ribbon tightly around under the front side and then measured the same distance up from the other edge before securing it with hot glue.

I continued attaching the other ends of the ribbons, first measuring the space between ribbons on the secured side and then used that same measurement to place the end of the ribbon on the other side.

Don't forget to cut those sweet little pom poms off the back of the board (if you use something like that) so that it lays flat when mounted on the wall.

And viola!  An updated photo board that cost $0 using materials I already had on hand...well, I guess I did have to pay around $3 for a new pack of glue sticks ;)

Stop back in on Friday to see where it ends up in the room!