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Deme CrinionComment
Last week, I shared yet another "changed my mind" moment in our home improvement endeavors.  This time it was the color scheme for the master bedroom.   I talked all about the beautiful piece that forced the old plan out the window...and never even showed you a picture.  For shame!

So please excuse me and let me introduce you to our tall, dark, and handsome buffet...
 Ok, so he's not all that dark but is quite tall and exceptionally wide at 6ft.  I believe 'ginormous' sums it up.

And a closer look at the details actually make it feel more like a 'she' than a 'he'. She has a beautiful fire blown mahogany finish and rosette wood work throughout.

Besides being a striking piece, it also has boatloads of storage.  Enough so that we were able to sell our dresser.....which actually opened up a space for another DIY feature (James is thrilled).  These side cupboards and the deep center drawer will house some clothing items (socks, undergarments, etc) and bed linens.

There are 3 shallow drawers along the top that will help solve my current jewelry jumble.   The two top side drawers are divided and have a lovely maroon velvet lining.  The wheels are turning for an update.....

The long center drawer is quite spacious and unlined.  More wheels turning....

This baby obviously has a traditional vibe about her, and even though I plan to mix old and new/modern and traditional in this space, the modern print and colors of the old inspiration fabric were clashing with this piece.

Our new inspiration fabric is a much better complement.  It will still allow us to play with some fun accent colors and mix in some modern prints.

So how did she end up in our master anyway?  Well, we found this dining room set on craigslist and the buffet was part of the deal.  We already have a huge built-in cabinet in dining room and no space for a piece this large.  We needed something to fill this wall in the master and also had some storage needs to why not a buffet? 

I'm convinced we can make it work and she already feels like she know, among the shelves and diaper boxes full of frames waiting to be hung.  We'll get there ;)