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The Obsession Continues...

Deme CrinionComment
...with stripes that is.  You may have noticed a change to our living room lamps in the DIY Letter Pillow  post.

We've been working on this entire couch/seating area of the living room in an effort to brighten things up.  The lamps were not left out and received a simple stripe treatment that was just what the doctor ordered for a quick lift.

This is a pic of our living room on the night we moved in:
I know.  Stop your drooling.  The curtains aren't for sale.  They were the first thing to come down (along with a gallon of dust) and that huge window behind them has been filling the room with tons of natural light since.

Even so, we moved in our old furniture and the room still felt dark and heavy.
Granted we were using what we had to fill this room and have one 'put together' space in the house, but there are several things wrong with this picture....

-The scale of the mirror is much too small for this large couch

-The end tables are two nesting table split apart, so one is lower than the other...hence the wonky uneven lamps. 

-I'm not sure why I had the lamps lit in this picture but when they are off (which is most of the day), they are a very similar color as the wall and tend to blend in with the background.

-The rug is dark, the couch is dark, the ottomans are's all very DARK.

The two goals for the room were to lighten/brighten the space and to update it to better fit our style.  So far, we sold the area rug in the above pic on craigslist and swapped it out for a much lighter cream option. We reunited the nesting tables, moved them to the family room and scored two much more substantial tables in their place (again, from craigslist!).  We changed out the mirror for a much more appropriately scaled painting from James' family. AND we gave the lamps a little stripe-love to help them stand out from the crowd.

These lamps were a housewarming gift from my aunt on her first visit to our new house, and I absolutely love them.  The curves and weight of the base coupled with the round drum shade are just perfect for this room.

Here's a pic with the light off (this is a cropped 'aftermath of Christmas morning' picture):

Beautiful but the shade feels like it's part of the wall.  Nothing a little paint can't fix!

I started with some left over white paint from the dining room, a small sponge roller and painters tape (simply using the width of the tape as the template for my stripe).

I applied 4 rows of tape on the bottom of the shade and two to the top, lining up the edges as I applied each strip.  I started by removing the bottom strip of tape and painted that portion white.

I left the tape next to the painted stripe in place and pulled off the following strip of tape.

That space got a coat of paint as well.  

Last, I did the same with the top strip of tape.  
 I ended up doing two coats of paint and peeled off the remaining strips before the paint was completely dry.

And here they are back in place!

I love how such a small detail gave them much more interest and pop.  They definitely aren't fading into the background anymore!
 You could easily do this with spray paint, ribbon, fabric or anything you can imagine to add some trim/detail to a basic shade.

 Which leaves us here:

Just a few more things to do in this room and we can call it done!

-Replace rug
-Replace end tables
-New piece above the couch
-DIY curtains
-Update prayer/reading corner
-DIY pouf or footstool
-Update piano bench
-Update piano accessories
-Remove spindles from wall opening
-Relocate leather ottomans and find coffee table replacement
-Art/photos for walls
-Treatment for end tables

Gosh it feels good to have crossed off more than there's left to do on your list!  Because there is still so much we want to do in this home, at times it can feel like progress is moving at a snail's pace.  But looking at a list like this makes me realize that little by little we're getting there!