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The Impromptu Garage Sale

Deme CrinionComment
Yup, I made the decision last night to have a garage sale....this weekend.  One week's time is not a lot to organize a garage sale but I was pushed over the edge after staring at this growing mound in our office all weekend:

There it is...the ugly truth of our office just to the right of my clean desk area with new curtains.  If I stare straight ahead when working at my laptop, I can almost block it out of my peripheral vision.  The mound actually didn't look quite this bad until my 1 1/2 yr old attacked it like a crazed sumo wrestler.

The evidence of his handiwork...

This pile includes all of the craft/professional/household items in desperate need of an organized storage solution.  (More on that soon!).  Well not all of it.  There is much to be purged in this pile.  

The tall black bookcase in this picture is getting a special treatment and will be the answer to our storage woes in another area of the house.   
It previously held books and other randomness that also need to be sorted.  

So I have the rest of the week to purge this pile (not to mention the closet in the room) and decide what will go out to the sale.

I also have several bags of things to either donate or sell from other rooms in the house, along with a growing list of large items to sell on craigslist. When I received a card in the mail that there would be an ARC donation pick-up in our neighborhood next Monday this convinced me that a small-scale garage sale was the perfect answer to dealing with all of these items in one fell swoop!  We'll have our sale over the weekend and anything that doesn't sell will go straight to the curb for a donation pickup Monday morning.

Since I don't have much time to prepare, I'm using some tricks that will cut down the prep time and ease in set up this weekend. 

Here's a few:

-Craigslist is a such a huge resource in our city, so we'll start by advertising the sale through there.  We'll list the specific larger items, along with asking price and a few pictures, and then list our other items by category (jewelry, women's clothing, children's clothing (with sizes), baby items, etc). 

-We'll use simple, clear, large signage on a couple of strategic corners (affixed so the wind won't carry them away!)

-As an alternative to pricing each item individually, we'll group all items that are the same price in one area with one sign (i.e. "$1.00 Table"  or  "All DVD's $2).  If I have time I'll use a color coding system using circular stickers (blue stickers - 50c; red stickers - $1; etc).  Large items like furniture will get their own price tag.

-Since its summertime, I would normally have the kids set up a lemonade stand but realistically we probably won't have time to prepare for that.   If you don't, another great option is to have water bottles on ice available for buyers to purchase at 50 cents each.  

These are just a few thing that will help us have a successful and low-stress sale.  I'll share more details and a full breakdown of our garage sale prep and setup later in the week!  For now, it's time to purge, sort, and purge some more!  And convince my husband that I'm not crazy for having a garage sale in a week ;)

*I would love to hear how you attack the garage sale beast!  What are your favorite garage sale tricks and tips?  How do you prepare for sale day?  Anyone else decide to have a sale with just days to put it all together? Tell me I'm not the only one!