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"Her" Pink Desk Chair - Love It or Hate It?

Deme Crinion4 Comments
I haven't decided yet.  As I applied coat after coat of pink paint, I wavered back and forth between hopeful anticipation and growing frustration.

It seemed no matter how many coats I painted, I wasn't getting the deep saturated color I had envisioned - officially mad at it.

But then when I looked at the chair in certain light as the umpteenth coat dried, I saw promise - not totally mad at it.

After this last coat dried (I honestly can't tell you how many it ended up being), I decided to just bring the chair inside and see how it looked in my work space.

 Ok, so it's not terrible....I'm just not totally satisfied with the color.  I chose the dark pink (Valspar's Very Berry) based off the subtle dark pink outline on the fabric that borders the white pattern.  It feels a little off and I'm not sure these two pinks are playing well together.

I do love that fabric (you can read about how we covered the old seat cushion with it here)...the paint just looks very different in various lighting.  I'll have to live with the chair in the room for a few days to see if I can let go of the vision in my head and what sits before me.  Well, under me. 

Here's a little reminder of the before:
I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of wishing I hadn't painted the frame.  Whenever I find an older piece like this and consider how to spruce it up for a modern feel, I take time to really consider what will bring out the best in the piece before taking the plunge and committing sandpaper to a beautiful piece of wood to prep for paint.  I was convinced of a fresh coat of paint here but I think she would have shined with a new seat cover and just a little tlc to her wood stain.  Ah well - live and learn!  (My wood-loving husband is shaking his head)  At least she was a yard sale steal at $15 and even though it's not perfect, it's still the bold pop of color I was after.   

And she's certainly getting plenty of use on her first day:

The man has work to do too you know.

So what's your vote?  Keep the pink?  Go for navy?  Attempt to sandblast those layers of paint off and restain the wood (I almost passed out just writing that)? Ever question your decision to paint over wood?

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