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Letter Pillow with Freezer Paper!

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Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Ours was a great mix of spontaneous plans with friends and a bit of good ole' home improvement.  So how did we fare on our docket?  We knocked out the lamp, put the final coats of paint on my desk chair, got about halfway on the office curtains and....didn't get to the kitchen walls.  I needed a task that was a little more kid friendly than wet paint and it turns out the kids excel at stuffing pillows. 

I had sewn together several pillow covers over the past few months and just hadn't gotten around to stuffing and closing them.  1 full bag of polyfil + 3 pint-sized assistants = 4 new pillows.  Our living room is looking a whole lot better!

Today I'll share my favorite.   It's tops the list because I love the result and it was my most embarrassing in the procrastination department! 

I found this natural unbleached osnaburg fabric back at Easter.  I wanted a rustic/nature-inspired table and had burlap on the brain for a table runner.  But burlap sort of falls apart as you work with it and this fabric has the same natural feel but is much more durable and versatile.  I loved it so much that I made a pillow cover with the extra and intended to somehow place our family initial on it.   I had even purchased a large wooden "C" from the craft store, and yet my pillow stayed like this for weeks on end. 

UNTIL, my friend Jennie shared an easy and inexpensive way to create silhouettes on fabric that she discovered online.  She used freezer paper to create a shape (in her case, adorable animals that she painted on white onesies for her baby boy due in August).  She gave me a large piece of freezer paper to take home and several weeks later I finally got down to business.  The whole process was so easy, I don't know why I waited so long!

Here's how to create your own unique piece with freezer paper...

What you'll need:

-Picture or shape to trace
-Craft knife
-Fabric paint

I began by placing my wooden letter "C" over a piece of freezer paper and traced around the whole perimeter.  Remember to place the shiney side of the paper down, and draw/trace your shape on the matte side. 

Next, take a craft knife and cut out your shape.  I used the back side of my sewing cutting mat.

Take your cut silhouette and fabric over to the ironing board.  Place the paper shiney side down on your fabric.  Once you have your shape/letter positioned to your liking, slowly iron down the paper to the fabric using a medium heat.

It did not take much time or pressure to iron my paper so that it was adhered to the fabric.

We have a seascape print over our couch and I wanted to pull the green/blues from that piece for the pillow. The craft store did not have the tealy blue color I had in mind, so I took a bottle of dark blue paint and mixed it with a lime green to achieve the right color.

I first tried using the sponge roller but found that the circular sponge stamper worked best.  Here she is all painted!

Once your paint is dry (follow the guildelines on your paint bottle), slowly peel off the freezer paper.  Mine came off smoothly and easily.

I was left with a nice clean letter "C"!  Now the fabric I used has a loose knit, so some of the paint did seep through to the other side.  If you are concerned about this, just slip a paper in between the two pieces of fabric.

After my helpers stuffed her plump and I hand sewed her shut, we had our very own family initial pillow!

I was playing with other fabrics for another accent pillow at the opposite end of the couch, but I realized that I had plenty of fabric left to make one more of these.  So, I used Microsoft Word to print out a large number 5 (since there are five of us Crinions in this clan) in a font that corresponded well with the "C".  I simply placed the freezer paper over my printed number and traced.  I mixed an olivey-green color for the five and now have two happy personalized pillows!

The center lumbar pillow was made using the excess fabric from the living room curtains.

Now what's a cute pillow if it's not comfy...Sully generously offered to give them a test drive.

That smile seals the deal!  We'll call this one a success!