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Kitchen Cabinet Spectacular!

Deme Crinion2 Comments
The other day James and I sat down with our calendar to figure out a realistic timeline for some of my our bigger projects.  Football season is almost here and that means my handyman won't be available for a few months (at least for the big stuff).  Some projects will go on hold and others we'll push to finish over the next few weeks. 

The kitchen is the priority for the summer, and the biggest job in that space is absolutely the cabinets.  Our weekends tend to fill up quickly, so we picked an open one and penciled (or dry erased) it in.

James was actually writing and I didn't notice what he wrote until the next morning....

So, let the Kitchen Cabinet Spectacular begin!!!  We obviously won't get through it in a weekend but it starts tomorrow!  

You can check out our Kitchen Reno Inspiration  board on Pinterest to see where we're headed on this kitchen adventure....and have a great weekend!