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Buffet Turned Dresser: Part 1

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Last week I introduced you to the latest addition to our master bedroom:  this huge but very handsome buffet.

This piece of furniture is the best of both worlds - beautiful and totally functional.  Between all the storage she offers and the spacious linen closet in our master bathroom, we were able to sell our old dresser in a recent quickie garage sale.

Originally I thought we would use this to store James' miscellaneous clothes (socks, underwear, etc), our bed linens and my jewelry.  But since my jewelry/accessories were going to take up all of the top drawers, and my clothes were scattered throughout our closet, linen closet and old dresser, I figured it was easier to have all of my things in one place.  So, James' extra clothes went to the linen closet, along with the..uh, linens (don't ask why they weren't there before, because your guess is as good as mine)...and my things would move on over to the buffet!

I started with the bottom shelves and found these baskets on sale at Joann's that fit perfectly inside the deep side cabinets. 

One side has a basket with my pj's and the other has a basket with my workout/painting clothes and 2 swimsuits.  I folded them fairly small and stacked them horizontally, instead of piled on top of each other.  This way I can easily see everything I have without digging through and destroying a neatly folded pile.

The long center drawer is quite deep, so I was able to fit two medium fabric itso bins from Target.  I will swap the one on the right out for a green one to match the bin on the left.  The left bin holds bras/underwear, the one on the right holds tights/socks/undergarments for more formal wear (you know, the gut-sucker-iners), and my leggings are rolled and lined up in between the bins. 

The top set of drawers has two of these lovely velvet lined drawers and one long shallow drawer.  They'll help me organize my jewelry, belts, scarves and other accessories. 

I knew I wanted to pull out the velvet from the two side drawers and had in mind to cut a few pieces of cardboard the size of each section to cover with an updated fabric. Wouldn't you know tha'st exactly what already existed!  So, I just pulled them out and removed the old velvet fabric. 
 I scraped off the balls of velvet fabric left behind here and then went digging through my stash of fabric for a replacement.  I loved the natural feel of the unbleached osnaburg fabric (very similar to linen) we used on our lettered pillow covers, and I had more than enough for this project.

I simply placed each cardboard strip on top of the osnaburg and cut out a piece of fabric about 1.5" larger on each side.  I wrapped the fabric around the sides (cutting off the excess fabric in the corners) and glued down the edges.

So much better!

I popped them right back in once the glue was dry and they immediately freshened up the drawers. 
I really wanted to use a colorful patterned fabric in these but since I have a lot of different colors and patterns coming in through the jewelry and accessories, a neutral fabric with some texture is going to be a perfect backdrop.

Now to deal with the long center draw and get all those goodies in!    I also need to address this issue on the top:
This piece must have been in a sunny spot in it's old home because you can see the shadow of a table runner on top.  I really don't want to attempt restaining the top, so I'll have to figure out another solution. 

All coming up in the "Buffet Turned Dresser: Part Deux"  ;)