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A Summer Breakfast On The Patio

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On Saturday morning, five lovely ladies came over for breakfast.  It was a beautiful summer morning and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast on the patio sans kiddos!  The Mr. was our cook and served up German pancakes dusted with powdered sugar and a touch of lemon juice (basic recipe from The 36th Avenue) and crispy bacon.  The ladies brought some delicious breads and fresh fruit to share, making it quite the meal! 

I grabbed these pictures before we put out the silverware and some other serving dishes, but you get the idea....and cheerful table for a relaxing summer brunch.  The plates and cups were scored on a Target clearance rack, and they inspired this little shin dig to begin with.

When it comes to dressing a table, quality white linens are a great investment.  They're beautiful on their own or a perfect backdrop for building a fantastic table scape.  Add a colorful/seasonal runner over the top of a white table cloth to immediately change the feel....invest in white napkins instead of different napkins for each holiday, and swap out napkin rings or creative holders to fit your can easily bleach out any stains.....and maybe I'm just a little obsessed with white :)

On Thursday we picked up some food and flowers from Costco.  I let Mia pick the flowers and the girl could not resist her natural inclination (more like an intense magnetic pull) toward pink. Which ended up working out just fine.  I had a little helper setting out flowers in another area of our yard too.

We have a small bricked patio in a corner of our yard just across from the covered patio.  I set up a couple of chairs and covered a small round table from our garage with a colorful piece of fabric from my stash. 

Our patio table seats 6 and we were supposed to have 7, so  I wanted to be sure we had another cozy area to eat and chat. 

These two were happy to test it out

We hung paper lanterns in pink, green and yellow across the top of the awning.  This is the only pic I have of them - bad, bad blogger.

We had a table set up for easy access to drinks...this is just a colorful scarf thrown over a white table. 

I do have a cream set of coffee mugs, but I love when people set out their unique mugs for guests to choose.  The white ceramic jar here holds sugar.

And next to it was a container of sweeteners (Splenda and Pure Via).  It's always a good idea to have something like spoons or stir stick for people to stir their coffee...and more importantly, someplace to lay those drippy spoons when they are done.  This is a small crystal dish from my aunt that we use to make Greek cookies during the holidays.  I keep it next to my coffee maker and it's my daily spot to keep my spoon for my morning coffee.

We also had a glass pitcher full of ice water and the "tub" of ice (a large bowl) held bottles of Mimosa.  I was going to grab a few bottles of orange juice and champagne but spotted these premixed bottles at Costco and decided to give them a try.  Delish! 

It really was a lovely morning...delicious food, good company, and a chance to relax after a really long week. 

James gets the husband of the year award for corralling 3 kids while cooking up fresh food for a bunch of Mama's.  Thanks, Babe.

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