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A Breath Of Refreshing Blue Air

Deme CrinionComment
There's been a whole lot of pink involved in our last few projects, from the pattern striped curtains and my new pink desk chair in the office, to Mia's very girly vanity redo.  Now don't get me wrong...I love me some pink but when it came time to revisit the design plan for our master bedroom, a refreshing palette of blue was on my mind. 

Over the past few months I've picked up all different kinds of fabric with our office and master redo's in mind.  At first I had decided on a grey/white/yellow color scheme for our master, but ended up throwing in a little blue for the hubs.  This was the main inspiration for the room:
I loved it (and still do) but when we scored our new/old dining room table from craigslist, it came with a huge buffet that now resides in our master bedroom.  It's a vintage piece with intricate details and fire blown mahogany.  It's beautiful and would be a crime to paint it! 

The problem was all these fabrics and colors were feeling a little too modern, and instead of complementing each other, they were competing for attention.  I'm all about mixing old with the new and contemporary design with the traditional.  In the end that's what this room will be, but the six foot buffet is a huge piece in the room and it's wood tones were simply begging for something different. 

So, I revisited my stack of fabrics and came back to this one:

It's actually a shower curtain from Target and was one of the first things I grabbed several months ago now.  The deep indigo blue against the crisp white (which we're seeing all over the design world now) just feels so fresh and when I brought it in the master, it immediately felt right.

I originally snagged it with plans to attempt an upholstered headboard for the master, then I decided to go with grey, yellow, and white in that room, so it was going to cover a pin/inspiration board in the office..then cover a chair.....and now it's back where I first envisioned her - my master bedroom.  Funny how often we come back to our first instincts!

I'm thinking about green as an accent color but not lime.  Too many yellow undertones in the other palette is what clashed with the buffet.  We could even go with red for a classic americana feel or a shade of orange for something a bit more modern.

Either way, we're back to the original plan and sticking to our guns this time!  Indigo, white and natural elements/textures will set the tone for this room, and we'll play with color in the accents that can easily be swapped out over time.

And as an added bonus.....I was purging the master for garage sale items, and I came across a few accents pieces (a couple of ceramic bowls and plates) in the same indigo and white.  I had snagged them on clearance from Target too way back when. :)

Does your indecisiveness ever lead you right back to where you started?