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Weekend Finds!

Deme CrinionComment
Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend!

On Saturday we made a trip to Costco for groceries but boy did we come home with some unexpected finds!  On the drive over James mentioned we were low on some office supplies, so we stocked up on paper, sheet covers...and a small laminating machine!  James will use it for football and I will definitely find ways to use it around here.

Then we found something we totally did not plan know, in addition to the other items we already didn't have on our list.  :)  I saw an ad for mosaic tiles in the Costco coupon book but passed it over; however, when I walked in and saw them, I was like a giddy school girl!  They looked so much better in person and this tile had me sold:

I didn't like the look on the box cover with dark grey grout and a cold bathroom, but the store display used white grout and it was simply lovely.  More like this pic on the side of the box.

It's hard to tell from the photo but the marble tiles are white with a beautiful grey grain running through them and the glass tiles look much more of a blue-green.  It was perfect for the kitchen!

Now, if you read our post on our kitchen plans you might remember that we weren't going to tackle the backsplash and countertops until Phase III.  But the price was the clincher. 

Each box was $21.99 with (5) 12"x14" tiles in each.  That comes out to about $4/sq ft.  Quite the steal for this kind of tile!  So we grabbed what we would need for our kitchen and headed home.

In Phase III we plan to replace the countertops and to ensure everything lines up correctly, we will need to install the counters before installing the new backsplash.  Countertops simply aren't in our budget right now, so those beautiful tiles will have to hang out in the boxes for awhile.  This will absolutely be a test in patience for me, but I'm so glad we found them!  They will help us make color and design choices as we tackle Phase II of the kitchen and are helping me see how the whole thing will come together!

How about you - any great finds this weekend?  Anyone else doing things a little out of order in your home improvement project?