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Weekend Docket

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James had the day off after a busy week at work and with football, so we packed up a picinic and headed off to ABQ's "Zoo Nights"!   We spread out blankets on the huge lawn in front of the outdoor stage and enjoyed a summer evening catching up with friends to the tune of an awesome Celtic band.  Well, I did.  Poor James made 3 different trips to the bathroom with this kids.  He's a good man.

It was so nice to have a relaxing day and now we're ready to get a good work weekend under our belt!  I have too many unfinished projects than I care to admit but am hoping to wrap up a few over the next couple of days.

Remember this recovered seat for my office chair?

I've been back and forth on what direction to take the color of the chair frame: navy blue or hot pink.  When I began envisioning a workspace for myself, I had a pink chair in my mind. So, I've finally decided to just go for it, and paint the chair frame a dark pink (I have cans of navy spray paint in the garage if I hate it)!  I began painting this week, so I'm hoping to knock out the final coats this weekend.

I've been playing with all the fabrics that will be going into the office but felt like I needed something that pulled all of the colors together.....well, thank you, Hobby Lobby for reading my mind.  I stopped in to pick up some ribbon, which happens to be in the fabric section, and spotted these two beauties on sale!

The walls in the space are light grey and the color palette is navy/pink/green.  This fabric has it all plus that aqua color I love.  The fabrics feel so cheerful and will be the perfect feminine touches to my side of the room. 

A few other things on our list this weekend:
-Curtains for the Office
-Lamp project (I've had one shade done for over a month...I think it's time his partner looked the same)
-Prime the kitchen walls

Whether you're knocking out some projects of your own or relaxing with family and friends, I hope you all have a great weekend!