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Vanity Reveal!

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This sweet space for my sweet daughter is finally finished! 

I wish I had a true before picture to show you, but this one will have to do.  My parents found this vanity and a Jenny Lind style bed at a friend's garage sale.  Both pieces had a dark walnut stain, so my parents had them painted in Behr's Swiss Coffee White (along with my childhood dresser) and brought them to our new house in NM for our daughter's room...all the way from CA!  Pretty special.

The white paint did wonders to lighten up this piece, but it still felt a bit cold and dark due to the hardware and sea of hard wood.  It's such a charming piece and had tons of potential to be a really sweet spot in the room for our little girl. 

If you're interested in seeing the true state of this room when we started (think toy/book/pink frilly bomb zone), then you can check out this post over at our family blog.

We've slowly been adding girly touches to this vanity area over the past few weeks.  You can read about how we transformed this birdcage here.  It does double duty by serving as a sweet holder for all Mia's hair clips.

We also swaped out the matching wood seat for this upholstered ottoman, adding a pop of color and new, softer texture to break up all the hard white wood.  It definitely ups the cute and comfy factor!

We swaped out the old hardware for these adorable Pink Acrylic Pulls from Target.  Seriously love!

Mia's been asking for a "ring-a-ling" clock for awhile now, so when I saw this pink one 50% off at Hobby Lobby, I snagged it up.

The little green box holds two post-it note pads and a pen.

The lamp base and shade are also Target.

You might remember that I promised to show you where that DIY fabric covered book project was going to land, and here she is!  You can find a tutorial for the fabric covered book here.

In working on all those final details to pull the space together, we didn't want to forget organization or function.  What goes in those drawers and how they are used are important too!

The first step was to identify how Mia would actually use this area.  Not only does she like to sit here and play with her jewelry, but she also uses this area as a desk during her afternoon quiet time.  She likes to draw, work on her sticker/activity books and lately, has been very interested in writing note cards to her little friends and family....which I can't help but find completely heart warming.

So after lining the unpainted drawers with some cute scrapbook paper, we filled those bad boys back up with all her goodies!  The right set of drawers are now the home to blank note cards, notebooks, pens, sticker/activity books and a box with colored pencils and washable markers.

The left set of drawers hold her play jewelry, hair rubber bands, case with kid's CD's for the player in her room, and her Leapster. 

Here's a look at the complete picture:

It's a much more cheerful and organized space, filled with things Mia loves to do.  She can easily manage this area and clean up after writing notes, creating, playing or dressing up in a fabulous outfit.  She loves having such special things in her room and the whole area feels sort of magical.  A lot like her. 

So, how about a good "Before" and "After"?

First the "Before":

Cute, but a bit sterile.

And "After":
Light, bright and happy!

A super sweet spot for a super sweet little girl. 

After seeing her new vanity setup, Mia asked if she could send an "invitation" to her friends for a summer playdate.  You got it, Princess.

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