House For Six

The Evolution Of A Fit

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Oh Sully.  He is an emotional little guy.  Not in a cry-when-I-get-my-feelings-hurt-which-is-all-the-time sort of way, but in a he-really-feels-things sort of way.  He is the most joyful boy and his smiles can seriously charm you.  But he also gets very frustrated when things don't go his way.

Take this afternoon.  We went from a great time taking pictures of things in the living room, to a full melt down in 60 seconds. 

He started by asking me to take a picture of him setting up this chair...

Next, he wanted a picture of him saying "Cheese!"....

Then he asked for the camera to take pictures himself (which he had already done).  And I said 'no'.  Here's where things got a little tough for Sully.....

I really don't like that she said I couldn't use the camera.  My arms are starting to shake.

Maybe if I throw myself on this ottoman I'll feel better.  And maybe if I scream at her, she'll say yes...

It's not working - she's still not saying 'yes'.  Why isn't she saying 'yes;?!

UGH!  She is the meanest mom in the whole world!!

I want that camera!!!!!

I'm so mad that you won't give it to me...
 And at this face I just cracked up.  He slowly smiled and then he started laughing too.

I asked him to give me that face again and he did.  Priceless. 

Look at that eyebrow!

Maybe I'll print these off, stack them in order and then flip through it to get my own little motion picture replay of the whole thing.  Oh Sully.  You make me smile.