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Fabric Covered Book & How To

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I wanted to share a quick and easy DIY project I knocked out the other day.  Lately I've been inspired by various pictures of covered books....

These were covered with fabric using modge podge:

I love the pop of color covered books can add to a room and it's a great way to tie in your color scheme and add interest through accessories all at once!  The method above attaches fabric to the book cover using modge podge.  This would be great for books with a solid cover (or one you didn't care to treat with adhesive) or even to spruce up a plain journal cover.

I love the look but also wanted the option of removing the fabric down the road without risk of damaging the cover.  So I went a little old school with this DIY and reverted back to my grade school days where we covered our books with paper.  It's a folded pocket-style cover and I just used a scrap of fabric instead of paper.

Here's what I used:

-Piece of fabric
-No-sew hem tape/iron on adhesive (I used "Heat n' Bond")

I started with one of our kid's hard covered books and a colorful scrap of fabric.

You will need a sheet of fabric large enough to give you a couple extra inches all around the book edges when the book is open.

Check your measurements by first folding in the long edges so that the top and bottom of your book cover is flush with the folded edges of fabric.

Wrap the fabric over the front of the book until the unfolded edges are even.  You'll want about 2 inches beyond the book edge to create the pocket.  So if you have an excess of fabric, you can cut the edges down to that 2 inch mark

Next take your book and fabric over to the ironing board.  Iron down those two long edges you folded down earlier so that you have a nice crease on the top and bottom.

Take our your hem tape and line it up with the top crease (inside of your fabric up)

Ok.  I made a mistake here and made the hem tape the same length as the fabric.  This ended up sealing my pocket opening, as I realized a few steps later - oops!  SO, based off this picture with the hem tape reaching from one end to another, cut 2 inches off each end of the hem tape (or whatever the excess amount was that you left on your ends) and keep the hem tape centered, right up against the crease.  Fold the top edge over the hem tape at the crease and iron according to the package directions on your adhesive.

Repeat for the bottom edge.   Top and bottom creases should now be flush with the top and bottom of the book.

Next, fold the fabric over the book so that the unfinished edges are lined up.

Fold them around and under the cover of the book.  Then remove the book and iron down the bottom side edge.

Take a piece of hem tape and line it up over the folded edge.  Cut a piece the same size (should be around 1.5-2 inches).

Place the piece of hem tape in between the top folded edge and the side folded edge.  Make sure to keep the future pocket open and put the tape UNDER the second layer of fabric of the folded side!  Fold side flap over and iron to bond the tape.  Repeat on the bottom.

The side should look now look like this....adhered at the corners with the pocket open:

Slide the bottom cover into the pocked and close the book.

Take the other end of the fabric and wrap it around the front cover of the book.

Tuck the end under the front cover so the fabric is smooth and snug.

Pinch the fabric at the edge of the book and pull it off the cover and flat onto the ironing board. 

Your pinch marks where you will iron a crease for the other side.  So take your iron and press that side evenly flat.

 Repeat the same steps used on the other side to adhere the corners and create a pocket.  Slide in your top cover and close the book.

Viola!  New colorful book cover!

I love how this looks and feels....and that it only took me a few minutes to create!  I'm excited to show you where this will go at the end of the week (although, the colors are probably a good clue to which room will be it's new home).

This is a great way to add a pop of color to a space and stacking a few wrapped books in different colored fabrics is a fantastic way to add an interesting and colorful vignette to your space.

If you are not a fabric fanatic like me, or don't have any lying around the house, this same project could easily done with some pretty paper.  Like these beauties here:

How about you?  What ordinary items are you giving a fresh look? Any quick and easy projects up your sleeve?

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