House For Six

Dreaming of Kitchens

Deme CrinionComment
Now that we've decided to tackle the kitchen, my brain is on serious overload with design ideas!  I'm constantly running different color options, hardware possibilities and layout ideas through my head.  So, I headed over to Pinterest to "pin" down some design ideas and was completely sucked in. 

If the giddy factor wasn't high enough already at the thought of updating this space, then it's at an ultimate peak now! 

Since we're working with the current footprint for cabinets/appliances, the open breakfast nook is my area to play.  I shared the overarching plan for the whole space here, but after my Pinterest binge I have a few more thoughts for our nook

This cheery nook was one of the first to catch my eye.  I love all the cozy, colorful pillows and that built-in to the right.  It's a beautiful architectural feature and adds storage galore!  When you're dealing with a lot of cabinetry and painted wood (which we will!), natural materials and textures, like in these chairs, help to warm up the space.  So does that striped rug and pendant!

And how about the art gallery over this nook.  Perhaps something similar to display the kid's artwork and add some color/interest?

Or how about mounting a shelf above the L-shaped bench to store/display special dishes.

I love this fresh white kitchen with pops of color.  Maybe painted chairs or a table in a lively color for the nook?

And a few more just for eye candy.  All happy spots to sit down with a morning crossword and cup of coffee or pancakes with the kiddos. 

Oh the possibilities...