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A Week In CA!

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This month we traveled to CA to spend some time with my family.  I probably should have broken this up into a couple of posts but you are getting the ginormo version instead!

This was the first time we've flown since Jack was born and to say the kids were excited is an understatement.  We put all our traveling tips and tricks to the test (which you can read about here on our house blog) to ensure smooth traveling, and overall, the kids were great little travelers!

The giant question mark was this guy here.  We started potty training Sully a week before our trip.  I did not plan this and definitely wouldn't recommend potty training the week before a vacation, but Sully had been ready for months.  When he finally asked if he could actually "poop on the potty" because he needed to go, well...that woul have just been wrong not to.  And because he was so ready, he learned very quickly.  We didn't use a pull up on the airplane or during our trip.  I'll write a separate post on that but for now let's just say that we're pretty proud of our little man :)

And this guy.  He didn't bolt for the cockpit, grab anyone's hair in front of him or have an ear-pearcing meltdown on the plane....if fact, he was an amazing little passenger considering we were traveling during his nap block and he only slept for a few minutes. 

We spent the first part of our trip with my parents in the Salinas/Monterey Bay area. The aquarium was one of our first stops and our cousins came down to join in the fun!

Watching the seals and waves from the aquarium balconies.

The outside of the Tidal Wave exhibit...

...and what it's like from the inside!  Mia loved this a couple years ago but wasn't a fan this time ;)

The touch pool was probably their favorite part of the whole aquarium.   They touched/held starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, etc.  Mia asked the woman if the crab was a decorator crab..."why yes, it is!", she replied.  Thank you, "Octonauts" for educating my children on life beneath the ocean.

Jack couldn't take his eyes off this guy:

And this might be my favorite pic from the whole trip.

We get asked all the time if the boys are twins.  Sully only has Jack by 3 pounds.  We're taking bets on when Jack will officialy pass him up.

The Crosno Family

And us.  If I close my eyes I can still smell the salty ocean air...

The kids had fun in Papa and Yiayia's backyard too.

Sully made friends with Mr. Frog.

Then they had a falling out...

But in the end all was forgiven.

There was also a lot of tackling...

And some baking. 

We made another trip to Monterey to play on the beach. It wasn't warm enough to swim but definitely warm enough to get our feet wet and play in the sand.

Seriously.  When did she turn 13?!ο»Ώ

Ok.  Some of us got a little more than our feet wet.  Enough to require an outfit change...fab, Mia!

Sully tried his best to scare this bird....who didn't seem to notice that there were people on the beach.

After a few days vising the aquarium, beach and having a BBQ with friends, we packed up and headed to our family cabin in Arnold, CA.  It is fondly referred to as "the Cabina".  We went from ocean air to fresh mountain air....ahhhh.

First we did a little exploring on the back driveway and searched around for pinecones.

Sweet girl cousinsο»Ώ

The kids were in love with the neighbor's bear statue.  Caleb went right in for a hug.

Jack was all about the high-five.

The deck was another favorite spot.

This is Jack's new "cheese!" face.

He seems to do it whenever Ella is near :)

The token cousin photo - they are growing so fast!

Nate and his buddies

A short walk from the cabin, is a park, pool and small lake for swimming and fishing.  Look at our monkey go!

Comparing tadpoles

Jack could have done this all day.  Papa's back?  Probably not.

The inner-tube train...

Walking back up to the cabin

Ok, not all of us walked.  A few of us hopped in the back of the pickup for the last 50 feet of the way. Yes, this is illegal in CA.  Don't report us.  I wonder if I make this "I'm doing something illegal!"  face everytime I do something illegal.  Not that I do illegal things often or ever.  Do I sound defensive?  AHH!   Enough of that!

We drove back down to Oakland to fly home - not in the back of a truck by the way.  I flew back with the kids alone but Yiayia was able to escort us to the gate and stay with us until we boarded.  They also allowed James to go through security to meet us at the gate when we landed.  So really, I just had to survive the flight. 

The kids proved to be great little travelers both in the car and the air throughout this trip.  It was a whirlwind but wonderful as always!  We miss all of our CA family and can't wait to see you again!