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Weekend Docket: Project Office

Deme CrinionComment
Yes, we actually have a weekend to do list that includes some work around here and not just recovering from the latest illness or allergy attack! 

And boy does our office need it! We moved out the queen size quest bed into our master and have since been attempting to make sense of the piles in there.  We were anyway....then the baby started walking.  And getting into everything. And has a streak of mischief and curiosity in him that overrides any sense of things being "off limits".  So anytime he got his hands on something unsafe, we tossed it in the office and shut the door.  Any time I brought out supplies for a project and wasn't able to finish, forget leaving it out for those mischievous hands to was all tossed in the office.  We keep the door closed all the time to keep said curious baby out, which also means it's easy to ignore the mess. 

I will share it's current state but brace yourselves....

When the kids are allowed in this room with us, then love to get into all the extra guest pillows and blankets

This closet is just so sad...crammed to the brim and not even close to it's full potential

It is absolutely time to stop the madness, make sense of it all and bring order and function to this room.  We talked about our plans for the room in terms of planning/function here and more recently about the design/color scheme here.  Time to finally roll up our sleeves and get to work! 

The plan for this weekend is to go through all the piles and PURGE, deciding what to keep, toss, sell, or donate.  I recently found another steal on craiglist - a huge desk with built in storage on top.  It's a perfect workstation for James and with planning for the upcoming football season in full swing, he could use an efficient space for work at home.

Which makes painting another priority for this weekend.  I want to get the walls painted before we move in the beast.  I have a few plans to spruce up the desk a bit...just enough to work with everything else going on in the space but keeping James' conservative and traditional tastes in mind.

Wish us luck and if you don't hear from me on Monday, it probably means I've been swallowed by a giant pile of gift wrapping supplies.