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Un-junk the Junk Drawer

Deme CrinionComment
We all have one...the drawer that starts out with a few random things and quickly becomes the drawer you are scared to open.  I wish I had grabbed a before shot of our drawer (I know, bad blogger), but I just opened it one day and couldn't take the madness any longer.  I pulled everything out into a huge pile on the counter, cried for a second after taking in the mound of junk, and then dove in.

Since this was a total impulse project, I didn't plan out supplies in advance. So, I took a quick look around the house for anything I could use to help corral and organize this drawer.  I found a few small green bowls I picked up at Target (4 for $1.99) and an extra silverware tray. 

The previous home owner lined all of the drawers and shelves in this house (and I do mean ALL) with linoleum.  Yes, you read that correctly - there is flooring lining all of my shelves/drawers.  They adhered it with the stickiest, gooiest stuff imaginable and I was not up for all that peeling and scraping.  This was supposed to be a quick project! 

So, I grabbed a colorful piece of scrapbook paper from my stash and used it to line the bottom of the drawer.  It wasn't quite bit enough to cover the whole surface but the silverware tray would cover a large portion of the I just made sure the paper was lined up with the corner/side of the drawer next to the tray.

I went through our pile of "junk" and tossed any true junk, pulled out anything that belonged in another room/space, and then organized the rest by categories.  Here's what I was left with (imagine double the junk, all thrown together in a heap to get an idea of what we started with):

I kept out a few tools that we use on a regular basis for quick projects or fixes like needle nose pliers, screwdriver, tape measure, etc.  I swapped out the handful of screwdrivers for just one with interchangeable heads and sent the rest to the garage with the majority of our tools.

Then it was time to organize the rest.  I started by filling the green bowls...
 From Left to Right:  Tape measures; extra keys; screws/nails/rubber bands; flashlights

The silverware tray took care of the rest and ended up being the perfect amount of space.

Tape is on the far left, wood stain markers, tools, pens, and quick fix hand/nail stuff filled the longer slots.  Glues and the screwdriver heads found a home in the large rectangular section. 

The whole thing took me about 10 minutes total and was completely worthwhile!  I love this drawer now, because it actually holds useful does the hubs, because he can actually find those useful things...and so do the kids, because some of their favorite useful things are easy to grab...

What's more useful than a flashlight when searching for hidden treasure or making shadow puppets :)

So who else has a drawer they are afraid to open?   Who's brave enough to dive into the abyss?  You never know - 10 min later, order may reign again!

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