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Shower Curtains: My Secret Addiction

Deme CrinionComment
Well, now that I'm sharing it with all of you, I guess it's not a secret anymore.....I am seriously addicted to shower curtains!  Specifically, the shower curtain aisle at Target.  Not the plastic or vinyl variety but their cotton selection.  They have so many different options in delicious color combinations and happy modern patterns! 

A standard shower curtain is 72"x72" and if you catch one you love on sale, you're getting a lot of fabric at a great price!

Awhile back Target brought in a bathroom line in blue and white.  The blue was a gorgeous deep indigo color and I loved it against the crisp white.  Maybe it's the Greek in me that responded so strongly to that beautiful combo. 

I snagged up my favorite (the Target Home Jacobean Cotton Slub Shower Curtain in Blue/White) and now have the perfect space to use it as we put together our navy/white/green/pink "His and Hers" office! 

I also grabbed a Target Home Shower Curtain, New Grid in green (I had to force myself to put down the blue one too!)

I have plans for both of them in our office...along with these other fabrics:

A shower curtain is not quite long enough for a standard 84" long drape.  It's short by a foot, but you can easily add a panel of fabric to the bottom and at 72" wide it's often wide enough to cut down the middle to create two panels.  (One of my other favorite drape "cheats" for less is rectangular table cloths...coming in a convenient 84" standard length!).  Even if you don't plan to use the fabric for curtains, this much fabric will give you so many possibilites.....make several pillows, cover a chair (or two!), line the back of a bookcase, upholster a headboard....the list goes on!

The two I have on hand will be curtains and fabric for a pin-board..and I can't wait to get started! 

What about you?  What's your favorite item to use in an unexpected way?  What go-to "cheats" have you found?