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Moody Monday

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It's almost too late in the day to call this post "Moody Monday" but we're slipping in with a mood board to start off the week!  It's my first attempt at a mood board or style tile but as my mind was reeling with all the plans for our office space, I was motivated to put all those thoughts together in one visual image.

Meet our....

This room needs to work HARD for us.  It's a shared office for James and I, a craft/sewing room and it still needs to flex as a guest room when we have visitors.   We have a lot of resources, supplies, and extra bedding that need proper storage and we need individual work zones to inspire and motivate!  The challenge will be to keep this space feeling inspired, streamlined and uncluttered despite it's many functions. 

So here's how we'll do it...

1.  The walls will get a coat of a soothing grey/blue color in Valspar's Notre Dame.  It's an extra can of paint I have on hand that I planned to use on a different project.  And it's completely fitting not just as a neutral backdrop for our color palette, but in it's name - my husband's alma mater. 

2. The color scheme for the room is white/navy/green/pink.  These fabrics will cover individual pin boards for us to post our important info, inspiring photos, fabric swatches....or whatever suites our mood!  Fabric.Com has great selections at a very reasonable price per yard.

3.  This 9-cube storage shelf is something we actually have on hand.  To keep the budget for this room low we are trying to reuse the things we already own.  In its former life, this cubby system stored toys for our kids but now it will help to corral sewing and craft supplies with the help of some colorful bins from Land of Nod and Target.   I'll save jars around the house to store various sewing supplies.

4.  This white desk with hutch is from Ikea and reflects the general direction we're going for James' desk area.  I actually found one a bit bigger with more shelving on craigslist for just $40.  It's sitting in our garage until we get the walls painted! 

5.  We're sticking with navy and green for James' work zone, so navy and green binders will house his football playbooks, schedules, etc.  Bins like these lidded boxes from Target will hold all of his football DVD's.  We'll stick with silver finishes for the other desk accessories.

6.  For my work zone, we're going with two desks that will form an L-shape in a corner of the room.  One will be my computer area for blogging and household management.  The other will be for sewing and crafting.  One of my biggest pet peeves is having to store my sewing machine after each use....or maybe it's just laziness :)  I would love to be able to leave it out and just shut the door to avoid a safety hazard for the kids.  I'm hoping craigslist will come through for me again on this one! 

7.  I'm keeping my eye out for a wooden desk chair that I can paint a hot pink color or even one with a pad that I can cover with some girly fabric. 

8.  I love the look of glass lamp bases and one similar to this green one would work perfectly in the space.  I also love the modern base with blue ikat dot shade on this Pottery Barn Teen lamp.

9.  These colorful zig-zag strappy baskets with lids and white cubby cups from Land of Nod are such playful desktop storage pieces!  The baskets could discretely hold office or sewing supplies and there are plenty of cups for keeping office supplies easily accessible on the desktop.

10. Green and grey are unifying colors in the space, so these green Gateway Trellis curtains from Target would be a fantastic way to dress the window. 

11.  As much as we need to get some serious work done in this office space, we also want a cozy place to thumb through magazines for design inspiration, take notes, read books/resources, etc.  A comfy upholstered chair like this Clybourn Loft Armchair in smoke from Target would create an intimate reading corner.

And that wraps it up!  Having a visual reference for all these ideas helps me see all the pieces coming together and how they relate with each other.  I can't wait to see this space become a reality!  

But first, to finish painting those walls that we meant to finish this weekend ;)