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Happy Mother's Day!

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Happy Mother's Day to all of the women called to this beautiful vocation of mothering...whether for your own children or for the other children in your life.  I'll share some thoughts on motherhood in a later post but for now here's a peak at our day.

We went to church as a family this morning and attempted a Mother's Day photo shoot afterwards.  Yeah......

Those are my monkeys!  Who says perfectly posed is better anyway :)

Then we all changed clothes and donned our garden boots.  Once upon a time there was a tomato and flower garden along the side of the house, but the weeds took over and we never got around to clearing it out last year.  Since we hyped up the garden to Mia when we bought this house a year and a half ago, we figured we better not let it go another year.  That baby is finally cleared out, prepped and ready for seeds! 

So in they marched...

...and let the planting begin!

Jack was just pleased as punch to have free reign in the dirt.


Sully was really into patting the soil on top of the seeds. 

After everyone was good and dirty, it was time to call it done!

I'm not sure what to expect growing this garden from seeds (especially with three bambinos in charge of the plating), but if any living thing pops up from the ground as a result of their efforts today, I think we will all be thrilled!  We novices may not have done it all correctly but it sure was done with a lot of love. 

I hope that your day was filled with much of the same: lots and lots of love!