House For Six

Happy Birthday.....

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It was a perfectly beautiful day outside yesteday.  I requested steaks for dinner, so my amazing husband grilled out back for us....and brought me a glass of wine while he cooked up our steaks.  This might be my idea of perfection - out on the patio with a glass of wine (or cup of coffee) and a blank page to make a list.  Any list will do :)

We ate on the patio and for some reason there was a lot of standing from these two...

Especially this one.

Who really liked his pasta..

Don't worry Bud, I won't try to take it from you

Then there was dessert....cupcakes and cake pops that James picked up from a local specialty bakery. 

That one in my hand would be their "Half Baked". YUM.


In fact they were so messy afterwards that we decided to forgo the napkins and go straight to the hose....which proved to be even more fun.

Jack's latest thing is to put his hand to his mouth whenever he's laughing with excitment.  Silly, sweet boy :)

It was a wonderful day and thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes and songs my way!