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Creative Storage for Diaper Supplies

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Yes, we are still working on our shared boys' bedroom!  We are so close to calling it done but still have a few things left on the to-do list.  One of them was to address the top of the dresser. 

Now since the boys are both still in diapers (well, one is on his way out!), storing diapering supplies was a big issue.  You can read about how we repurposed a storage bin system to store their diapers here

And this is how we've taken care of the rest....

The bin on the left is a silver Locker Basket from Land of Nod and holds wipes, diaper cream and some saline drops.  It works perfectly with the sports theme happening in this room.  You can't beat having function and style in one fanstic piece!

This red bucket is also from Land of Nod.  I found it on clearance and don't think it's available anymore.  Our youngest son has eczema, so we have a few different lotions and creams that we use on his skin.  This colorful number keeps them easily accessible all in one place and adds another playful pop of red to the room. 

The best thing about these bins is that they can be used in so many different ways.  We chose not to go with a diaper caddy and instead go with something that can serve another function once diapers are a thing of the past (*tear*).  Down the road these can store balls, hand-held games, books, school supplies, etc.

In planning this room we wanted to be sure to create a space that could grow with our boys.   The dresser is big enough to carry them into their teenage years, we saved money by using what we had on hand to store diapers (so that we could invest in a closet system once they are older), the feel/theme of the room is not baby specific and not too cutesy in feel....well except for those adorable piggy banks.  I just couldn't resist :).  Hopefully they will enjoy the colors in this room and all the special touches for years to come!

Here's what's left to do...

-Paint walls
-Graduate Sully to a big-boy bed
-Replace changing table with larger dresser
-Organize closet
-Paint closet
-Replace closet doors
-Update window treatment
-Initials above the beds
-Address clothes storage\
-Better diaper storage
-Create book storage
-Update lamp on nightstand
-Replace or update ceiling fan
-Art for walls