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Butterfly Focal Wall!

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When we moved into this house just over a year ago, we let our daughter pick the colors for her room.  Being the ultimate girly girl, she of course chose pink.  Bright pink.  We convinced her to go with a slightly toned down version and to use it on one focal wall.  The other walls got a coat of very light pink. 

Since painting that lovely bright pink wall, it has remained mostly empty.  I've tossed around so many different ideas about how to treat this focal point.  I finally decided to go with a hand painted tree with fabric covered birds to relate to the birds on her bedding. 

Well, for months I had the tree sketched in pencil but just wasn't happy with the shape....I erased, adjusted and still wasn't loving it.  So, when my brother and Dad were here visiting I had them take erasers and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to it.  I was left with this:

Just a hint of the trunk as evidence (that I still need to erase) and an entirely blank wall again. Back to square one.

 I was at a loss for what to do until I spotted these sparkly beauties at Michaels.  They came in three different sizes and had the three colors in the room's color scheme (pink/yellow/green).   I grabbed several in each size and rushed home!

Now, I actually did this before I started this blog so I don't have a good before pic.  I've been strategically cropping out the butterflies in previous posts until I could share this with you.  So, here it is...a very sparkly, very girly butterfly wall!

I knew I wanted them to come over the vanity, swoop down and then shoot back up to the corner

I started by placing the large butterflies first to give the wall proper balance and then I started filling in with the medium and small ones.   After a few series of step back, look, and adjust, it was done!

I love that a grouping of smaller similar objects ended up being one large feature for the entire wall.   And it was so simple and quick! 

Here are the details.....

If you look closely you can see an alligator clip on the back of the butterflies.  This was actually my biggest concern for the project - how would I hang them?

I looked around the house and found a jar with clear colored push pins.  Done!  I pulled out all the yellow, green and orange pins (I didn't have pink).

As I decided where to place each butterfly, I pulled out a pin the same color as the butterfly and stuck it in the wall.  I simply clipped the butterfly right on the pin.

The similar colors help them blend right in so the pins/clips aren't so obvious from the side.

It was a super easy and fairly inexpensive way to get a big impact in a special little girl's space!

See it in the completed room reveal here!

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