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Boys Will Be Boys

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Cue the music to a soft, sweet lullaby and let me take you back to Mia as a baby/toddler...

One of her favorite activities was to sit and read her books.  For more than 30 seconds. 

She never felt the urge to stick her finger in an electric socket.  Or up her nose.

If I told her a cupboard was off limits, she moved on to something else.  And didn't come back when I wasn't looking. 

She never mistook herself for a monkey or our furniture for her personal jungle.

But my boys are different.  We did not change anything in our general parenting approach with them...there's just something written on the spirit of a little boy that seeks adventure, and will create it when there isn't any readily to be found.

For example...Mia would have been thrilled to strap on her seat belt and be pulled for a ride around the yard in the wagon.  Sully had a different idea....

I'm not sure what song was playing in his head as he busted a move on the wagon but it must have been a pretty good groove.

The other one looks innocent enough playing on this truck...

even flashing me a smile,

and blowing some kisses,

 But you already saw how he likes to go against the grain...or just against whatever we would like him to do.  Such as sitting down while eating a meal. 

 In fact, all that standing on the wagon started with him...

Yup.  He's trouble. 

Sweet, sweet trouble and full of more mischief than I ever bargained for...but I'm learning.  Learning that this is what boys are made of.

The other day Sully stood on the ottoman in our family room, flung his body into the air and landed in a heap on the couch.  He stood up with a smile of pure joy on his face.  The same smile was not on mine, and James and I both reacted the same - don't even think about doing it again. 

We've been stuck inside for quite a while due to colds and a horrible allergy season.  I told James that I feel like we've been dishing out a bunch of "no's" lately and have not given a lot of opportunities for boisterous play.  We don't want to squash the "boy" in him.  So James went back in the family room to Sully and said, "Hey Buddy, can you show me that again?".  You would have thought we handed the kid an invitation to a room full of chocolate donuts.  He was beyond excited. 

Of course his sister wanted to join in too, so we set some guidelines they had to follow. It was the most fun-filled 20 min of play they've had in a long time.  Now, I'm not advocating you let your children jump on the couches or the furniture in general, but sometimes breaking the rules and having a little fun is just want a young (or old) heart needs. 

I must remember that a fearless, adventure-seeking heart is good and not to crush my children's every creative attempt to have some adrenaline pumping fun out of fear of a broken neck (or damaged furniture).  The spirit of adventure, mischief curiosity, and fearlessness is what makes them boys and will one day make them good that desire to live a passionate life with purpose and significance, with a desire to learn and grow, and with a courage that leads.

I have a feeling these boys will keep my quick-reaction-ninja-Mama skills in check and that the days of leisurely play are gone.  But if I can resist the urge to create a risk-free environment by squashing every form of play that makes my heart jump, then maybe we can all benefit from living with a little more of that adventurous spirit.