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A New Seat for A Sweet Space

Deme Crinion1 Comment
I recently shared here about my resolution to overhaul my daughter's room.  She has a very sweet space but it was packed full of more things than she could possibly use or need, it lacked proper storage/organization (which made it hard to keep tidy), and all the personal touches were getting lost among the chaos. 

Here's the scene that started it all...

Yup, it was quite the sight.  And had become a regular one at that.  (Can you see me twitching through the computer?)  But I can't blame it all on Mia.  Gotta set the girl up for success right?  First with a space that works and then with some better habits. 

So far we have made major progress in sorting through the things in her room deciding what to keep, donate, and toss. We've brought in some better storage (and repurposed the ones that weren't working in other areas of the house) and did a bit of rearranging. 

We also cleared off the vanity, which had become a collector for piles and all things random.  It's one of the areas that would be off limits to her younger brothers once we were done.  Their mischevous little hands couldn't resist the drawers full of sparkly girliness.  Mia is very generous in sharing her room for playtime with her brothers but she also deserves a few areas that are just for her. It is her room after all.

This vanity is such a sweet space for a little girl and we have several fun projects in store for this area. But today we did a little switch-a-roo with the seating. This bench is fine but it's long.  Mia would have to pull the whole thing out to sit on the end and play with her jewelry, draw, or write notes. The ratan center isn't the strongest either.

Around here, we tend to have multiple projects going at once, so we've also been working on updating our master bedroom.  I used a birthday gift card to get this ottoman from Target a few weeks ago

I planned to get a second one and place them at the foot of the bed in the master.  I'm still not totally sold on yellow in that room, so I picked up the ottoman and wandered down the hall to the other room with yellow in it: Mia's room.

I sat for awhile thinking about how to use to her bed as a nightstand with a tray on to her reading chair with a basket of a seat!

I love the pop of color to break up the white!  It's also a lot softer than the other bench seat.  It's a perfect height - high enough for a little girl but I can sit comfortably there as well. 

Then I realized the handle was facing the back and if I turned it around Mia would be able to easily pull out the seat.  It's not heavy by any means but the handle makes it much less awkward to maneuver.

Once again an unplanned use for an item I loved turned out to be just what the doctor ordered! 

And we'll definitely make good use of the old bench too!  Here's one last look...

It's coming together!  I love that the ottoman adds some yellow to the mostly green and pink accessories in the room and that it brings in a soft new texture to break up all of the white painted wood.

What about you?  Any furnature swaps make a big difference in your space?