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Window Love!

Deme CrinionComment
And boy did our kids' windows need it!  Since moving in, we've been using blackout curtains in both rooms.  I wasn't disappointed with them in function...they lived up to their name and blocked out a good deal of light. 

The real problem was this:

Note the skiwampus curtain rod?  Mia's curtains are right by her bed and since the kids constantly climb up there, the curtains are pulled, sat on and tugged, on a regular basis.  Hence, wonky curtain rod.

We didn't have the same problems with the curtains in the boys room, but the crack of light that seeped out the sides in the morning, landed right on Sully's pillow.  They also did not slide very easily and it was a two-hand job to get them open. 

The solution? Levolor blinds from Lowes. 

I appreciated that they come in multiple color choices.  We picked the "snow" color for Mia's room, to complement her pink walls and white furniture.   And for the boys, we went with the "toffee".  They offer a light filtering or light darkening option...with kiddos that still take naps and like to wake up with the sun, light darkening was an absolute must for us! 

The other feature that makes them super convenient, is they all come in a standard size and can be cut down to fit the exact size of your window.  Right there in the store.  For free. 

And let me say, these things are amazing.  They were super easy to install - just screw in the 3 brackets and snap in the blinds.  They are also kid friendly and kid safe.  No cord hazards...they are easily moved up and down by the simple push of a button. 

Obviously they still need window treatments (and I apologize for the poor lighting) but here's the boys' room Before:
And After:

I'm super happy with the warm medium brown color in the boys room

Mia's room Before:

 And After:

They completely block out the light, are super easy to use and they cleaned up the windows really nicely.  I'm a totally happy camper!  We've been busy sewing valances to replace the old curtains today and we'll show you how they turned out (along with a "how to") tomorrow!