House For Six

Weekend Recap

Deme CrinionComment
Happy Monday! 

We are enjoying a slow day after a really busy weekend.....busy but fun :)  The Mr had a football conference most of Saturday, so a friend and I piled the kids in the car and went snooping around some gorgeous houses in the 2012 Albuquerque Parade of Homes!

Some were vacant, some lived in and some staged, but all were beautiful and just oozing with design inspiration.  I brought my camera along but forgot to bring it inside every time....with a baby on one hip and the other hand holding back a toddler trying to fling himself on other people's furniture, I don't think I could have snapped a clear shot anyway. 

Touring homes sure got the creative juices flowing though and since I had my sewing machine out for an earlier project, I finally got on those living room drapes.  Remember this fabric?

It was my heavy hitter for accomplishing a knock-off of these Pottery Barn drapes:

Well, I had a few hiccups, but they are done!  And they have completely changed the look and feel of our living room.  I'll share the pics and a "how to" later this week!

I also got sucked into a Pinterest binge on Saturday night and found a few more inspiration photos for our master bedroom redo.  I ordered some fabric a few weeks ago and was not thrilled with the shade of blue I chose to sprinkle in with the yellow/grey/white scheme.  It was far too bright (especially for the hub's taste) so I went looking for a better shade...

Careful going looking for more inspiration can open up a whole new can of design idea worms! 

So instead of this aqua blue:

We're going with a more subdued blue-green....and yes, I would love these sheets from Anthropologie that are inspiring the color palette.

I also LOVE this saturated teal/peacock blue...especially the way it plays with the lime green:

The walls, furniture and foundational bedding will all be in a neutral palette of greys and white, so we'll get to play with color in the room's accents.  We'll see how it all comes together! 

We've moved the furniture into the new layout and have a few paint samples up for the focal and adjacent walls.  We'll turn our main focus to this room next month and keep our eyes on the living room for the rest of April.  I have a couple more projects on the list that will finally help get our living room to done! 

How was your weekend?  Anything got you inspired to change things up?