House For Six

Two Initials for Two Sweet Boys

Deme CrinionComment
We keep plugging away at the boys shared room and today we knocked out two small projects that made a big impact.  Until now we have not had much of anything on the walls....except that lovely video monitor above the crib. 

I picked up these initials of the boys' names months ago for just $1.99 each from Joanns and finally got around to spray painting them this week.  I was incredibly indecisive over something so minor....cover them with fabric?  scrap booking paper?  paint a design?  I purchased a few cans of glossy red spray paint I'm using for another project in the boys' room and thought it might be a good way to spread that red throughout the room.  The glossy finish gives them some added interest, although it's hard to see it in these photos.

I simply used a few command strips to hang them.  Easy to put up and easy to remove.

The other small change was covering the exposed box spring on Sully's bed.  I simply put a fitted twin sheet over it and instant update!

Those window treatments came down today too and a much better option is in place.  I'll share that project, call their closet done and give you a look at the complete room as it stands on Monday!