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The Sweetness of Little Girls

Deme CrinionComment
I have to tell you that decorating my daughter's room has been as fun for me and it has been for her.  It's the one room in the home that can be completely feminine, whimsical and sweet with no bounds!  Maybe that's why I like it so much.....if I need to be surrounded by a happy, girly place, I visit Mia's room.

However, sometimes it's hard to see the room's sweet girliness.  I'm truly embarrassed over what I am about to show you, but it's our reality:  the result of 3 kids playing to their heart's content and not cleaning up after themselves.  This is how I found Mia's room this morning...

Yeah, it's a problem.  Due in part to a lack of organization and proper storage solutions, but partly due to an overwhelmed resident (with "get into everything" little brothers) and a mom that doesn't always hold said resident accountable for keeping her space tidy.  You can read more on how we are addressing that over at our family blog.

Regardless of how we got here, this sweet room absolutely needs some love and attention!  All the special touches are lost among the chaos (not to mention the ones we haven't even brought in yet!), and Mia deserves a better system to help her take care of her own personal haven. 

So, this is our project for the weekend!  I actually started this morning and we are currently knee-deep in piles...yes, more piles than you see here.  I figured since everything was out, there was no point in putting it all back if a major clean out was in order.

Sometimes getting to organized and orderly means creating an even bigger mess by taking everything out first.  It allows you to take inventory of what you actually have (which is often a lot more than we think), purge those items that you no longer use or don't need, and in this case, pare down what we have to a reasonable and manageable amount for a little girl.  It's all worth it in the end!

And here's part of the motivation...remember this guy?

He was my happy clearance find at Hobby Lobby for Mia's room.  I gave him a fresh coat of paint and he's now drying in the garage!  Although this could be totally cute as a stand alone decorative item, I also wanted it to serve a function.  Once I decided on how to use it, I wanted to give the paint ample time to dry and cure.  We'll use the extra time to make sure he has a nice clean spot in Mia's room once he's dry.

Here's a rundown of the plan:

-Closet:  paint walls, sew/hang curtains, label bins, donate excess clothes and toys
-Wall to the left of the closet:  go through toys and donate half, move bins to another area of the house, & move Mia's current nightstand (much smaller) to this wall.
-Vanity:  clear off, organize drawers, have fun with accessories
-Bookcase wall:  better storage, hang shelves and photo board
-Bed area: find small table for nightstand, treatment for lamp/shade that will go next to the bed, and cover the box spring

I realize we probably aren't going to make it through half of the list this weekend, but we are going to make a push for as much as we can!  It's long overdue!