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Holy Week!

Deme CrinionComment
I always seem to miss posting on these special days that begin different seasons and periods of time in our a happy belated Palm Sunday to you!  We have officially entered Holy Week and are so close to the glorious Easter celebration! 

Each day now has very special meaning...especially the Holy Triduum which includes Holy Thursday (where Christ instituted the Last Supper and humbly washed His disciples feet as an example of love and service for us all), Good Friday (the day our Lord suffered and died to ransom us back to the Father), and Holy Saturday (a day of mourning, grieving, and great fear for the hearts of the disciples who did not yet know the glorious hope and joy that Resurrection Sunday would bring). 

There is so much for our hearts to contemplate as we approach Easter.  I'm going to do my best to resist over scheduling us this week and leave time for quiet, both alone and with our family, to dwell on Christ's love and passion. 

I often find explaining this a challenge with such young do I explain this incredible sacrifice?  how much can they handle?  how much do they understand?  But when I think about how to break it down for them, it always comes back to one thing: LOVE.  Christ suffered, horribly, out of love for us;  God offered His one and only Son as the sacrificial lamb, out of love for us; and we, full of grace, get to love Him in return, because of His great love for us. 

My 2 year old doesn't need to know the details of how Christ suffered yet, but he does need to know that God gave us Jesus, His Son, because He loves us more than we can possibly imagine.  And really, it's what I need to know too. 

I am old enough to know the details of the Passion that are too much for my children, and it's important not to brush past them.  Each drop of blood, beginning with the drops of blood He sweat in the garden as He asked the Father to remove this burden from His shoulders, mark Christ's passion and love for us.     

I heard this on the radio the other day and it drove this point home...God didn't just love us, He is love itself. 

Love is leading me
Holding nail-scarred hands
Forgetting where I'm from or who I've been
Love has carried me
On His broken back
To a place where I can finally see
This love is free

This love is free
We're singing
(Chorus to "This Love is Free" by Hyland)

Let's not forget how far He went to be Love for us....Love left Heaven's splendor, Love experienced every pain and temptation, and Love carried that wooden Cross, loaded with our sin, so that each of us could be restored to the Father.   

It is Holy Week.  We've entered into His Passion and the greatest love story on earth is about to unfold...