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Easter Wrap Up!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Wow.  What an exhausting and wonderful week!  And what an amazing Lent it was too. 

We started the week off with plenty of egg hunts.  Mia had one at school, where the EB made an appearance.

 Mia and her friend Cate

We also had a potluck/egg hunt at the park with our mom's group.  Sully was dangerously eye-balling that innocent girl's chocolate cake..

Mia was on a little egg hunt date with Christopher here.  We met their family through our group and Mia and Christopher are now in the same pre-school class.  They were stuck like glue the whole morning, playing and hunting for eggs together. 

Good thing they let Sully tag along most of the time.  He may as well get used to his brotherly chaperone role now.

Jack, well Jack was busy....busy rolling in the sand, busy climbing on other people's blankets, busy eating everyone else's food.  Just busy.  But darn if he isn't cute.

Our Easter celebration started with the Easter Vigil on Saturday night.  It has to be dark when it begins, so it didn't start until 8:15pm.  I had forgotten the beauty of this Mass....a dark sanctuary slowly lit by candlelight, hearing the Word of God proclaimed in darkness and then the burst of light at the joyous Gloria!  I was so excited for the candidate I was sponsoring to be Confirmed and receive Holy Communion.  She has taken a purposeful, reflective journey and I was thrilled to see her proclamation of faith that night!  We also had a very dear friend become Catholic at the Easter Vigil and our hearts are just so full of joy for their family, more united in faith than ever before. 

As beautiful a Mass as it was, we didn't get to bed until after midnight....with a lovely 6:20 wake up call from the boys.  Ouch. 

We took our time in the morning, making hot cross buns for breakfast.  Jack kept an eye on them for me..

And let's not forget about the Easter Bunny.  He delivered plenty of Easter sweets and treats..

Not convinced his basket was a full as the rest. Seriously - look at that eyebrow..

We took the kids to the 1030 Mass (we had a sitter for the Vigil), and made the mistake of waiting until after church to attempt pictures.  It was a total disaster....the kids were a bunch of antsy wiggle worms with only eyes for the McDonald's milkshakes waiting in the kitchen.  We bribed, tickled, made fools of ourselves but only got a few good smiles.  And we only got through the first round of pics with pics with pics of just the 3 of pics of us as a family.  I know.  Terrible. 

And then they were done.
We had some dear friends over for an Easter meal of ham, leg of lamb, mashed potatoes, tiropita and .....brussel sprouts!  Our friends brought them and I could not stop eating them.  They were roasted with bacon and a candied pecans - delish!  The kids went on a scavenger egg hunt and did an Easter craft.  The weather was perfect and it really was a wonderful day! 

We've spent today relaxing and doing a little clean-up.  We missed spending the holiday with family but are so grateful the wondeful friendships God has given us here.  We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with people you love!