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A Verdict on the Office!

Deme Crinion2 Comments
After tossing around ideas for our office/guest room space I finally settled on a color scheme....we're going navy, green, pink and white!

There's just something classic.....


...and even a little fun, about these colors.

This is going to be a "his and hers" office space, so I needed a color palette that wouldn't make the Mr. run for the hills.  The classic navy appeals to his traditional taste and the navy and green combo is an ode to his Irish alma mater. 

The pink is a pop of happy for me....I'll keep it away from his desk :) 

I was about 99% sure about going with these colors until my trip to Target this afternoon where I snagged these:

Perfection!  I was on the hunt for lime green and navy binders, bins and storage for the hubs' desk when I spotted these colorful patterns in the perfect color combo for the room! 

This guy is my favorite..

They'll find a home at my workspace since they sport that girly pink, but finding something that could go right into the space as-is sealed the deal for me on the color choices.  I love the playful prints and they are totally inspiring me to jump on this space! 

And not a moment too soon - prep for football season is gearing up and each year of coaching brings more resources, film, playbooks, rosters, etc.  It's time to give the coach a workspace to start of the season right! 

So, as we wrap up a list of projects in the living room for April, we'll shift our focus to this office/craft/guest room for May.  I have just a few more projects to share from the living room before that though, some more successful than others! 

How about you?  Any unexpectedly perfect finds lately?