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A New, Old Dining Set and Room Inspiration!

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I am so excited to be sharing my latest, and by far greatest, craigslist find!  I have spend the past few months searching craigslist for a dining set...and I had a pretty specific wish list:

-Large table, able to seat 8-10
-Upholstered chairs or seats {so that I could play with fabric}
-Ideally 2 captains chairs for the ends of the table or to put in the corner
-Tall enough for James' legs and the boys' boosters {but not bar height}
-Solid wood but not grainy oak,
-Had to work with our tiny budget 

Aesthetically, it also needed to work with the other things we had going on in the room.  A tall order for sure. - some would say impossible but I'm an optimist :) 

Well, after months of looking I wound up with zero.  So, I let the search go for awhile.  Then last week I randomly looked and found a 1930's antique set with EVERYTHING on my wish list.  Not only did it have everything I was looking for but it also came with a gorgeous buffet, AND it was listed at a ridiculously low price. 

I snagged that baby up and after selling our old dining set on craigslist last night, we moved the new one in! 

First, let's take a look at the old set.  It could seat 8 but not comfortably, and the lip on the sides made the table too low for my 6'4" husband's legs or my son's booster seat to fit underneath. 

The chairs were a little rickety and there were scratches in several places

So out with the old, and in with the new!  Well, in with the old but new to us :)

It fits our needs and space so much better!  It's a beautiful, solid set that I don't think I will ever want to give up!

The table has beautiful details on the legs and chairs

It came with an additional leaf (not shown), so that we can pull the two extra chairs up and easily seat 8.

I paid a model to show off the chairs

 The set came with 6 of these chairs...

...and two of these captain's chairs.  I love the lines and silhouette of both!  They need a little attention from minor wear but are overall in wonderful condition.  Now let's talk about that's actually not bad, but it is older, a little worn, and in person, the green looks very 70's olive.  The bright/darker pattern actually looks great against the brown/cream walls, so I will keep that in mind as I look for a replacement fabric. 

In looking for fabric for the chairs, I'm keeping our overall color scheme and design plan in mind.  Here's a few of the inspiration pieces for the room:

I purchased the green floral fabric first and used it to make a table runner.  It is the color story for this room and our jumping off point for all the accessories and fabric we'll bring into the space.  The polka dot fabric is a twin duvet cover I snagged from a Target clearance rack for $6.98...that's a lot of fabric for seven dollars!  I loved the color and sentiment of this green little guy and have several white ceramics to fill our wood built-in. 

This is my daughter's teapot and it's another key inspiration piece for this room.  I love the whimsy it brings!  Since we do have another eat-in kitchen space, I would like to keep this as more of a formal dining room....but not in a stuffy dinner party way.  More of a fanciful tea party, brunch with the girls or intimate dinner with friends sort of way. 

I'll need to pull in some more masculine elements to balance all the softer touches in the room and I also need to keep in mind that this room has a large doorway/opening to the living room. So, the view of the dining room as seen from the living room and vice versa doesn't need to match in design but they should complement one another.
I mentioned that the set also came with a buffet.  We already have a large built-in piece in our dining room, so the huge 6-ft buffet is going into our master bedroom.  I'll share our plans for that piece here soon!

It's amazing how the right piece of furniture can spark the creative and get those inspiration juices flowing again!  I can't wait to get started!