House For Six

Weekend Docket: Bed Swap!

Deme CrinionComment
*I wrote this on Friday but for some reason it didn't post.  Update coming tomorrow!*

It's time to finally make the switch!  Our Sully is moving to a big boy bed!  Goodbye crib - you will be on craigslist tonight...

Along with the two twin mattresses for the boys, we have the two beds/headboards that belonged to James and his brother as kids. 

They have endured a little 'wear and tear' over the years and from our many moves, so they will get some sprucing up this weekend. 

The additional storage bins for the boys' closet also arrived, so we'll attempt to get that closet project wrapped up and called done!

It's a tall order so we'll see how far we get.....and see how Sully does with no crib walls to contain him!  Wish us luck!