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We're Back...and With A Weekend Docket To Boot!

Deme CrinionComment
Our family has been down with various colds and allergies for almost a month!  We are finally up and running again - just in time for some beautiful spring weather too.  You can catch up on all that here at our family blog!

One plus to being stuck inside is plenty of time to spend working indoors and lots of time to dream up new ideas for our space.  I managed to convince the hubs to build us a key component for our master bedroom redo.  I am so excited about it and can't wait to share the plans and details with you very soon!

I also ordered several fabrics that will be going into the master bedroom, office and living room.  I am beyond excited for them to arrive and hope the UPS man isn't too alarmed when I fly out my front door to snatch that box from him!  This is the first time I have ordered fabric online without first seeing or feeling the fabric in person.  Fingers crossed for a happy ending! 

I know that most people recommend tackling one room or project at a time...but reality for us with three kids 4 yrs old and younger is that time for working on projects comes in spurts.  Sometimes we need to focus on smaller projects in other areas of the house while we wait for the time to tackle bigger projects necessary to finish a space. 

That said, I am really going to make a push to finish our living room!  This is what it looked like the night we moved in (I apologize for the poor lighting)

What's not to love about that heavy wall-to-wall drapery?  Only the beautiful window it was hiding!  This is actually my favorite room in our house. I love the wood floors, huge window to the backyard with a view of the mountains, all the natural light and the delightful blank canvas.

Unfortunately my current day pics are saved to our computer that's being fixed as we speak, so I'll share those in a later post.

I found inspiration for the space from one of my favorites: Pottery Barn.  I have a large green couch that I needed to work around and I fell in love with this drapery..

It had all the colors I wanted to work into the space and it still felt neutral.  HOWEVER, one panel in the size I needed was $139.00...and I needed two.  Simply, not an option. 

I found a great alternative by Robert Allen that I snagged on sale from Joann's.  It was a 50% off all Home Dec fabric sale, plus an extra 20% off veterans discount.  Score!!

This fabric is my jumping off point for the room...and I'm so excited to finally pull it all together!  This room has plenty of small projects that will help give the room a comfortable and cohesive feel.  Here's a few:

-Update piano bench
-New curtains (a sewing project using that great fabric!)
-Replace/update end tables
-Create a prayer/reading corner
-Have fun with accessories

I would love to say that I'm going to finish it all in a week but I'm going to be realistic and make this room my focus for the month of April.  We have plenty of other random projects around the house that we'll keep working on too! 

So here's what's on our docket this weekend:
-Recover the piano bench
-Install new window treatments for the kids' rooms.
-Finish the boys' closet
-Continue yard prep for spring

It's quite the list but James has a 3-day weekend and we're motivated to knock these out.  See you all on Monday....hopefully with some great progress to share!  Enjoy your weekend!