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We're Back!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Geesh - that was a doozey!  It seems for the last month we have been passing around one illness after another to each other.  I can only remember a couple of days where everyone in our family was well. 

Just as I thought we were turning the corner, spring arrived and brought along with it a heinous allergy season.  One day of working in the yard sent us into a new round of allergy attacks.  With a lingering cold hanging on for the ride, we spent a gorgeous 70 degree spring break week....inside.  Boo.

Thanks to allergy medicine (which all the kids and I have to take daily through Memorial Day), we are finally back among the land of the living!  I tell ya, fresh air works wonders for the soul after being cooped up inside for weeks on end.  We are enjoying dinners on the patio, getting the yard ready for spring, and having lots of outdoor playtime!

Look out Ladies..

And when did this one turn into a teenager??

Nah...still my little buddy :)

We also celebrated James' 33rd birthday!  Cake on the patio was a special treat for everyone.

Happy Birthday Babe!  You are an amazing husband and father and we love you so much!