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Shared Boys' Room: Progress!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Slowly but surely, we are making progress on the boys' dresser/closet redo!

The feet are on the dresser and I found that pesky missing piece behind one of the dresser drawers.  The dresser is a little to the right but we had to anchor it to a stud and placed it to leave enough room for the twin bed that will eventually be on that wall.

The boys are thrilled to have access to their piggy banks and can easily save the spare change from my purse and Dad's pockets. 

Here's the current state of the closet.  Still a way to go, but so much better already! 

The massive plastic drawers are out and we made much better use of the bins.  Regular diapers are in the top two bins and pull-ups are in the bottom two.  Toys and shoes in the next size up are in the smaller bins. 

The hamper to the left of the bins is actually a collapsible drink cooler that my mom found online at  It's a lot more sturdy than a regular canvas hamper, it has handles for easy carrying, it fits all their clothes, and best of all, it's Sully-proof!  He has managed to break or tear every hamper in the house (no more wicker or flimsy wires for us) and this one has stood up to our rough and tumble boy just fine.  And it's got the ND logo which makes Dad happy :)

I mentioned before how much I love having those closet doors gone!  It's fantastic to see the whole closet at once, but we still want to be able to close it off.  Enter curtain panel.  I found this curtain panel in the kids' home section of Target.   

I mounted a simple curtain rod on the inside of the closet and used a small coat hook turned sideways as a tie back

We still have a few things coming in to help with storage.  Three of these baskets from Land of Nod will go on the top shelf of the closet

One of these old school locker baskets (also Land of Nod) will corral all of the diaper changing supplies on top of the dresser.  Another red bucket is coming in for extra storage on the dresser too.

So how about a before and after so far?

Closet before:

And the closet after:

Hopefully we'll wrap up the final touches to this dresser/closet project next week!