House For Six

Room Swap!

Deme CrinionComment
Such irony.  I had just begun drafting a post about the design inspiration for our guest room, when the hubs suggested something that flipped those plans upside down. 

We've decided to move Sully to a big boy bed!  Instead of making his crib into a toddler bed, we're going to move him straight to a twin bed with guard rail.  We did this for Mia and it worked great.  I think it will actually help him stay in the's higher with a rail as opposed to floor level with easy access to running amok.  At least this is what I've convinced myself!

Now for a sad confession.  We got rid of our lumpy cal king mattress when we moved.  So, we've been using the two twin mattresses from James' childhood as our bed for the last year.  Two twin mattresses pushed together is about the size of a king, so our sheets and bedding worked.  But it's still a bit of a sad sight.  Mattresses on the floor, no bed frame or headboard, window treatments from when we first moved in...sad.

They are actually great firm mattresses but they are intended for the boys when they get older.  Which turns now!  For Sully anyway.  For the time being, we decided to hold off on buying a new mattress for the master and will instead use the queen mattress from the guest room. 

The queen mattress took up a huge chunk of space in the guest room and since it's movin' on out, this opens up a whole new realm of possibility for the space. 

The wheels have been spinning and I'm giddy about turning the guest room into a true office/craft/work space for James and I!   It will still need to be able to serve as a guest room when our family and friends visit but it will be a much more useful space for us. 

Both the master and guest room are complete blank slates for design and have also served as the two dumping grounds in our home.  It's time to take control of these spaces and make them work for us....and lets not forget the fun part - making them beautiful! 

So how's that for confusing?  One twin bed from the master is going to become Sully's new bed.  The other twin we'll store for Jack.  The queen from the guest room is going to our master bedroom and the guest room will be turned into a more functional office/craft/work room.  Hooray! 

I'll share more details on the plan for the spaces soon.  For now, we have some beds to move!