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Master Bedroom: Plan and Inspiration

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I'm so incredibly excited to get started on this room!  I described our change of plans that involve the master bedroom and guest room/office space here.  I had a color scheme selected for each room but with the functional change in the guest room going from 'serene space for guests' to 'inspirational workspace', I felt another swap was in order. 

I'm not one to jump on a trend.  I tend to go for a neutral foundation with pops of color that can easily change from year to year.  BUT  I have been eyeing this grey/white/yellow combo for quite awhile now.  I loved it the first time I saw it and it still makes me as happy today! 



I had planned it for the guest room but now I think it is a color palate that will be much better suited for our master bedroom.  Serene.  Happy.  Fresh.  Ahhhhh.

I was a little concerned that we might grow tired of it, so I plan to keep the walls, furniture and bedding in grey and white and then we'll add pops of yellow through pillows and accessories. 

I've also thought about throwing in another color for added depth...and one that James might respond to more than yellow.  I came across this lovely combo on pinterest with grey, yellow and blues:


We have several plans for the room (and by "we" I mean "me dragging James along for the ride").  Joking aside, he's been amazingly supportive and is letting me run with these two rooms! 

Here's a quick rundown of our plan:

-DIY upholstered headboard
-Tall bookshelves that will flank the bed and double as nightstands (using re-purposed materials)
-Window treatments
-Some sort of privacy solution for the entrance to the attached master bathroom
-Photo/art for the walls

And a few other treats to make this room just for us as we reclaim it for our own adult space!  Stay tuned!