House For Six

Welcome to Fresh Paint!

Deme CrinionComment
I’m excited to have finally jumped on the blog-train! We have a family blog to keep up on life in the Crinion household. I like to keep that blog more about faith and family, so this blog is where we’ll share the adventure of making our new, old house our home!

Our family moved to Albuquerque, NM from Las Vegas, NV four years ago. At the time, our first baby, Mia was just 4 months old. Work moved us here and we always thought it would be a temporary move....four years later we are still here and have come to love ABQ! And green chile!

But being in a temp living mode, meant a lot of renting and a lot of moving. As our family grew with our boys Sully and Jack, our needs grew too. We were always on the hunt for the right space and a great neighborhood.

We've lived in 5 houses in 4 years and still haven't found a place with soundproof walls, but we have found a perfect home for our family. It has plenty of room, a great yard for the kids, is in a central location, and best of's ours! It feels fantastic to be homeowners again!

The original owners built the home the 60’s and lovingly cared for it until passing this last year. It has great bones, was well maintained…and needs a bit of a face lift. We’re talking multiple types of iridescent 80’s wallpaper scattered throughout the house, and most layered over some awesome 70’s wallpaper.

I have a dream to-do list for every space in this house and each room is currently in a different stage of “doneness”. We've lived here for a year now, and have discovered that in many cases the way we first arranged things is not the most efficient or best use of our space. Trial and error is getting us to 'just right'!

We're not afraid to attempt a new DIY project, and I love to organize and pretty up a space. I’m relying on a used sewing machine that was given to me (which I’m still figuring out how to use), and some creativity in working with a limited budget. We’ll take you with us as we give our house a good coat of fresh paint and turn it into home!

If you’re intentionally following, I’m thrilled you’re here. If you accidentally stumbled here, I hope it was a pleasant surprise. Either way, thanks for reading! Please feel free to share your feedback and comments, and stop back in anytime!