House For Six

Weekend Update: Best Laid Plans

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Unfortunately, we didn't make as much progress as I had hoped this weekend.  I took a fall on the tile while holding Sully and hurt my knee, so an ice pack took the priority for most of Sunday. 

Tragic injury aside, we did make some progress on our checklist.  The dresser is in but is missing a part (the center support for the bottom).  I haven't filled the drawers yet since we'll have to turn the dresser on it's side to attach the feet and missing center piece.  So, it's about 3 inches lower than it will be once it's fully assembled, but it's going to be great for the boys!

We also got the doors off the closet, so here's what the whole thing looks like..

The tub storage works perfectly with the color scheme in the room but we've found it to be a catch all for all things random.  I think having assigned bins that are labeled will keep that area better organized and actually working for us.  I plan to put all the diaper/changing supplies (currently on the top shelf and on top of the plastic drawers) in there since we lost the changing table.  We'll also keep off-season shoes and accessories in the other bins. 

The boys received really nice hangers in blue and green over Christmas, so we'll be switching Sully's clothes to the blue hangers and Jack's to the green, with outwear on the white. 

I can not tell you how happy I am to be able to see the entire closet at once and not have to open one door to see half, then close it to see the other half...and have the space in the middle that I could never really see well at all.  I think I actually said, "Ahhhh" out loud - which is exactly how it felt.  Wide open and unrestricted. 

I have one curtain panel to hang that will be moved to one side when we need to access the closet, and completely cover the opening so that we can conceal everything....and still be easy on the eyes. 

We plan to tackle what we can tonight, so stay tuned!