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Weekend Docket: Shared Boys' Room, phase 1

Deme Crinion1 Comment
When we moved into this house I was a huge 8 months pregnant with our youngest Jack.  His big bro Sully is just 15 months older and they now share a room.  The kids' rooms were the first (and only) rooms we painted before moving in our furniture...and I'm so glad we did!  However, the boys' room is absolutely still a work in progress.

I didn't want to go with a theme that was too specific or that they would soon outgrow.  I found this Junior Varsity sports bedding on sale at Pottery Barn Kids awhile back and loved the classic feel. 

Some of the squares on the quilt have a rugby vibe to them and that set the tone for the room.  I had visions of old school leather football helmets, faded balls and vibrant accents to keep the room fun for two young boys.

We started with stripes on the walls in a medium brown and creamy white to set off the espresso furniture we already had in the room. I didn't want to hang many accessories until we decided on a furniture placement that would work when the boys were out of cribs and their nursery furniture...and they are well on their way!

We sold the upholstered rocking chair that we used for stories and feeding - Jack no longer takes a bottle and we do our bedtime stories on the couch as a family.   

We also sold the dresser/changing table combo the boys used to share.  Three drawers between two growing boys just wasn't cutting it!  So with two big pieces of furniture gone and in need of a new dresser/clothes solution we took another look at the layout of the room....

The older dresser/changing table was just to the right of this crib - we don't typically store our clothes in laundry baskets ;)

Then the debate began....long or tall?  One big dresser or two small ones?  How many drawers do we need and what will be big enough to grow with the boys without taking up a huge chunk of the room?  And where will we put it?

Sully will soon be moving to a twin bed, and we decided that the current placement of the cribs is actually where the two twin beds will eventually go - with the headboards flanking the window. 

That means, the new dresser (which the hubs picked up today!) will go in the same spot.  Easy enough.  The new dresser has 4 large drawers (2 for each boy) and 4 small drawers - hallelujah to a solution for keeping their socks separated!

We also have some serious issues to address in their closet...

The disastrous pile on the top shelf is a pile of accessories for the room and the huge plastic set of drawers is what we were using to organize clothes in the upcoming size and season. Good in theory but things were getting lost in the shuffle, since the drawers also housed extra clothes they currently wear. 

I would show you the other side of the closet but the door is broken.  Solution: doors are coming down so that we can access and see the whole space at once (I have a curtain to mount in it's place). And some better closet storage/organization is in the future. The big daddy of plastic drawers is going to the garage for extra garage storage.

So on the docket for this weekend:
-Bring in new dresser
-Take down closet doors and hang curtain
-Move clothes out of the large plastic drawers and into long shallow tubs that will fit under the beds
-Take inventory of accessories

Down the road:
-Wall mounted storage solution for books
-Treatment to initials that will hang over the boys' headboards
-Paint headboards/beds
-Closet organizers and storage solutions.
-Window treatment

We'll share our weekend progress next week!