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Popcorn Tour!

Deme CrinionComment
One of our favorite tours to do with our mom's group here is Mr. Walker's Popcorn shop.  He has all kinds of yummy popcorn flavors from traditional caramel to very uniquely Albuquerque flavors like caramel green chile - my personal fav :)  He also has butter toffee pecan, cookies n cream, strawberry lemonade, and so many others...all delish.  And he puts on a great tour for little kids!

First they try to find all the colors of the rainbow in the different flavors of popcorn..๏ปฟ

Then he teaches them a special popcorn song which requires a bit of imagination...

Someone couldn't resist taking a peek :)

Then Mr Walker introduces them to his *magic* popcorn machine.  It's huge.  It's loud.  It makes a LOT of popcorn.

Hanging on every word...

Listening for the pops...

Here it comes!

And the grande finale with all the popcorn!!!.......I didn't get the shot :(  I had to put down the camera to help those little hands get some popcorn without shoving other kids into the popcorn machine.

There was one last special treat.   Mr. Walker also makes cotton candy.....a mother's worst nightmare.  But hey, who am I to steal a moment of obscene amounts of sugar and stickness from my children. 

It was actually Sully's first time trying it...

A little hesitant...

And then the man could not be stopped.

This one dove right in

Did I mention the stickiness?

And yes, Jack was there...but no treats for him.  They process peanuts there and we didn't want to take the risk.   Besides, he had that big pack of graham crackers he's grabbing to keep him occupied :)

It was a messy, sugary morning and great fun.  Thanks Mr. Walker!